Babysitting Job Ads

10 Pointers for Writing a Great Sitter Wanted Ad

Babysitting job ads enable you to hire a great sitter for your children. When placing an ad, include enough information to paint an accurate picture of your needs while maximizing the allocated word count for the ad. Follow these ten tips to create a great sitter wanted ad.

  1. Include your general location. Specify if the sitter will travel to your home or if you wish to drop the children at the sitter’s home. Mention if the applicant must provide his or her own transportation in order to meet the job requirements.
  2. Specify the days, times, and duties for which you need a sitter. Add details such as if the sitter must be on call or if the sitter must perform light housekeeping duties in addition to childcare.
  3. Share the ages of your children. Attract experienced sitters for the age group of your children. One sitter may possess experience with infants while another prefers preschool age.
  4. Require certifications and background checks. To ensure your children remain safe, require child abuse clearances and CPR, First Aid, and water safety certifications. To hire a sitter with more experience, require an early childhood degree.
  5. Offer a pay range. Great sitters compare pay rates for interesting jobs before they contact the parent. Ask neighbors for current pay rates, and consult your budget to determine how much you can afford to pay.
  6. Ask for references. Every reputable sitter offers contact information for character references and previous employers. Verify each reference as thoroughly as possible before hiring a sitter.
  7. Include correct contact information. Choose a convenient phone number or email you check regularly.
  8. Be friendly. Keep the ad positive and upbeat rather than airing dirty family laundry in babysitting job ads.
  9. Protect your identity. Rather than give detailed personal information such as your specific home address or work location, include only general information. Focus the ad on the sitter’s qualification. Arrange a telephone interview before inviting candidates into your home to avoid exposing your family to predators.
  10. Proofread. Recheck the spelling of each word. Verify the clarity of the ad wording before publishing the ad.

By following these ten tips, your babysitting job ads attract great sitters. Without revealing your identity, include enough information for the sitter to decide if he or she wants to work for you. Place the ad in the newspaper or online to attract qualified, experience sitters for your children.

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