Babysitting Jobs Around My Area

11 Ways to Find Babysitting Jobs Around My Area

How do I find babysitting jobs around my area? That question is the one all teens starting to babysit ask. Hard work and self promotion will help you find consistent work as a babysitter. Follow the top ten tips to finding babysitting jobs around my area. You will soon be turning jobs down. Parents are always looking for reliable and dependable babysitters.

  1. Neighbors – Neighbors are a great source for finding babysitting jobs. Tell any of them that you know with have small children that you are willing to babysit.
  2. Your Parents Friends – Inform friends of your parents with younger children that you are actively looking for babysitting jobs. Do an excellent job and they will be calling you on a regular basis to babysit.
  3. Teachers – Notify your teacher’s of your willingness to babysit. Marketing yourself to teacher’s in you school is a fantastic starting point in finding babysitting jobs.
  4. Parents Co-workers – Ask your parents to let people they work with know that you babysit. Your parents know your strengths as a babysitter, so having them promote you will help.
  5. Neighborhood Monthly Newsletter - Most neighborhoods publish a monthly newsletter. Ask to have your name and phone number added to the newsletter stating that you babysit.
  6. Referrals – Politely ask the parents whose children you have already babysat for to give your name out to out to their friends looking for a babysitter. Word of mouth is key in finding a babysitting job.
  7. Flyers Around Your Neighborhood – Design a flyer with your name, phone, and price point. Pass the flyers out around your neighborhood. Parents looking for a babysitter will love having someone close to them.
  8. Local Elementary School – Venture over to the closest elementary school. Distribute the flyers that you already made to the parents dropping off or picking up their children.
  9. Church – Ask the Pastor if you can have your name added to the church bulletin about your availability to babysit. Working in the church nursery will give you starting point with parents looking for a reliable sitter.
  10. Craigslist – Post an ad on Craigslist using an email address or your parents phone number. Craigslist postings should only be done with your parents permission.
  11. Red Cross – Take a CPR certification class through the Red Cross. The Red Cross offers a list of babysitter’s who have passed the CPR class to parents looking for a babysitter.

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