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10 Reasons College Students Make Great Sitters

College students make tremendous babysitters. If you need someone for babysitting jobs college students are often a perfect fit. There are many great reasons to utilize a college student for your babysitting needs.

  1. Flexibility – College students have very flexible schedules. Their flexibility allows for availability at odd hours which can help a parent out enormously.
  2. Need Cash – College students are usually broke. Babysitting offers them a means of making cash without needing to find a job.
  3. Experienced - College students usually have experience at babysitting. Experience helps them deal with any situation that may occur while watching your children.
  4. Transportation – Most college students have their own vehicle. Hiring a babysitter with transportation saves you time. Babysitters with a car will be able to drive themselves to and from your home.
  5. Responsible - College students are more reliable than teenagers. Maturity comes with age. College student will work hard to prove their worth and reliability.
  6. More Creative – College students are more creative than teen babysitters. They are more willing to engage your child in creative play and activities than a younger babysitter. Creative babysitters allow your child to have more fun.
  7. Curfew – College student babysitters do not have a curfew. Lack of curfew means they are able to stay out later, giving you the ability to enjoy your evening longer. Younger babysitters need to be home sooner, which ends your night out earlier.
  8. Cheaper Than Daycare – College students are willing to accept less pay than a day care center. If your budget is tight, a college student is a fabulous option. Paying less for child care will benefit you, while allowing the student to earn some much needed cash.
  9. Last Minute Availability – College students are often available at the last minute. A students class schedule allows for extreme availability which makes your life easier.
  10. Work For You All Summer - Most college students do not take summer classes. Parents often need a babysitter through the summer months while they work. Hiring a college student with a car will benefit a parent greatly. The sitter will be able to transport children to and from summer lessons and activities. Fall classes, typically start after elementary school begins, so you will have your sitter all summer long.

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