Babysitting Jobs Description

10 Things to Include in a Babysitting Job Description

Parents who hire a babysitter must have complete trust in that person. Watching someone else’s children is an enormous responsibility. It is up to the babysitter to take care of what the children need and keep them safe. Therefore, a babysitter’s job is to watch over children and maintain a safe and stimulating environment. The following is a list of things to include in babysitting jobs description.

  1. Experienced with children – Is the babysitter experienced? Most parents want a babysitter that has experience with children and are hesitant to hire an inexperienced sitter.
  2. Able to balance fun with authority - Can the potential babysitter keep them safe, happy and amused while still being in control? Some children are more demanding than others are. It will be the babysitter’s job to keep them entertained while still enforcing the household rules.
  3. Trustworthy - A babysitter needs to be trustworthy. Selecting a trustworthy babysitter is serious business. A babysitter is usually coming into the home and will have unsupervised access to personal belongings as well as being responsible for your children. It is essential to find a sitter that is trustworthy enough to leave in charge of your home and children.
  4. Safety conscious - Everyone knows accidents can happen. However, being aware of safety rules and common sense goes a long way in avoiding accidents. Especially with young children but accidents are accidents. Is the babysitter safety conscious? Is the babysitter conscious of things like having to be attentive and aware at all times. If an accident does happen, does the potential babysitter have any training in first aid or CPR?
  5. Availability - In babysitting jobs description, list the days and hours needed. This ensures the potential babysitter is available when needed. What days are they available to work? Are they comfortable working at night? Are they willing to give up their weekends?
  6. Patience and nurturing - A parent will want to know if the babysitter has patience with children. Does crying and whining bother the potential babysitter or are they calm and nurturing in those situations.
  7. Age group - Ensure the babysitter has enough experience with caring for children in your children’s age bracket. What ages of children can the babysitter handle? Are they comfortable with infants? How many children does the babysitter feel comfortable watching?
  8. References - Checking references are crucial especially when hiring a potential babysitter that is a complete stranger. Checking references can prevent unforeseen problems. Today it is not abnormal to run a background check.
  9. Mature - A babysitter must be mature enough to handle the responsibilities that go along with taking care of children. As a result, a potential sitter should exhibit the mental and emotional characteristics associated with the responsibility of being in charge of children.
  10. Age preference - If certain age preferences are wanted, make sure to state that in the babysitting jobs description.

Finding the right babysitter is hard. Babysitting involves more than just watching children. Working with children is an extremely important job. A babysitter is responsible for all aspects of the child’s life while watching them. A babysitter that knows how to deal with children and all the different situations that arise with children is an extremely valuable quality to find.

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