Babysitting Jobs For 11 Year Olds

10 Signs Your 11 Year Old Could Be a Sitter

If your child is clamoring for a way to make money, babysitting jobs for 11 year olds could be the perfect solution. Before your child starts offering their services; however, it is important to consider whether they are ready for such responsibility.

  1. Does he/she enjoy children? Does your child enjoy spending time with younger children? Are they the kid all of the younger children in the neighborhood flock toward? Sensitivity toward and interest in children are both important traits in a successful babysitter.
  2. Is he/she responsible? Carefully consider their level of responsibility. If your child still requires a lot of supervision themselves, they may not be ready. On the other hand, if they can be counted on to complete their homework in a timely manner and complete their chores around the home without constant nagging they may be ready.
  3. Are they calm and levelheaded? To be ready for babysitting jobs for 11 year olds it is important that your child be able to carefully think through a situation and respond in an appropriate manner. If there is an emergency, it is paramount they can keep a calm head and know what to do and who to call.
  4. Are they patient? Carefully consider your child’s threshold for patience. How will they respond when faced with a temper tantrum from a toddler? Will they be able to de-escalate the problem in a calm manner?
  5. Are they confident? To be a successful babysitter, your child needs to have confidence in himself/herself. At the same time they must be able to recognize their own limitations and make competent decisions.
  6. Do they know how to respond in an emergency? In the event of an emergency it is imperative that your child know what to do. You can help them prepare by signing them up for a basic first-aid course. Many local Red Cross chapters offer such courses as well as classes specifically for sitters.
  7. Do they have a strong desire to babysit? A desire to actually babysit someone else’s child is critical. If your child really wants to do take on this level of responsibility they will be much more likely to do a good job.
  8. Do they know how to care for a baby? Does your child know how to properly feed and diaper a baby? Do they have experience in doing so? If so, this could be a great first job for them.
  9. Do they have an understanding of appropriate activities for children? Part of being a good babysitter involves having an understanding of which play activities are appropriate for children of various ages.
  10. Do you think he/she is ready? When it comes down to it, you know your child better than anyone else and you are the best judge as to whether your child is ready to become a babysitter.

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