Babysitting Jobs For 12 Year Olds

10 Signs Your 12 Year Old is Ready to Babysit

Babysitting is an excellent job for pre-teens and adolescents. Not only do they earn extra money and learn the value of earning their own income, they will learn to be responsible, mature and make independent decisions. There are ten signs that your 12-year-old could be a sitter. There are many babysitting jobs for 12 year olds but you must determine if she is ready.

  1. She is Responsible - Responsibility is the most important trait of successful teenage babysitters. Your teen should be able to care for a young child and attend to the child’s needs. They need to be able to follow instructions, make quick decisions and employ excellent problem-solving skills. If your child has demonstrated responsibility in caring for a younger sibling or even a pet, she may be ready for a job as a sitter.
  2. She is Organized - Organization is important when it comes to caring for a small child. Your teen sitter should be able to keep track of the child’s mealtimes, bedtimes and diaper changes, if necessary.
  3. She Can Handle Routines - She should be able to follow the child’s regular routine and make adjustments as necessary. In addition, she should be able to keep track of emergency numbers and numbers of the child’s parents.
  4. She is Mature - Maturity is an essential skill when it comes to caring for smaller children. Your twelve-year-old should be able to deal with temper tantrums, sick children and toilet accidents without becoming overly frustrated or upset.
  5. She Follows the Rules - She should be able to follow the rules of the child’s parents’ home. This includes not having visitors in the home while she is sitting. In addition, she should not ignore the child and watch television or surf the web while sitting.
  6. She is Patient - Caring for young children requires the patience of a saint. Your twelve-year-old should be able to remain calm and understand the frustrations that come along with caring for a baby or toddler. She should not allow the child to take over the power in the relationship and should be able to be firm yet gentle when dealing with the child.
  7. She has a Support System - Although your twelve-year-old will be responsible for the care of the child, she should have a community of supportive adults that can assist if needed. She should have a network of parents, relatives and other competent adults that she can call if she gets overwhelmed with the babysitting duties.
  8. She Knows Emergency Procedure - It’s good for your twelve-year-old to know how to recognize the signs of an emergency and be able to remain calm and summon help. Knowing CPR and first aid is helpful as well.
  9. She Can Manage Money - If your pre-teen can manage money and negotiate a fair rate, she might be ready to be a sitter.
  10. She Loves Kids! - She should genuinely enjoy being around younger children and caring for them. This makes a great sitter.

There are many babysitting jobs for 12 year olds. Determine if your pre-teen is ready to be a sitter.

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