Babysitting Jobs For 13 Year Olds

10 Signs Your 13 Year Old Could Be a Sitter

If your 13 year old is asking you about babysitting to make money; you will need to determine if he or she is ready to handle the responsibility of babysitting. Caring for children can be challenging and babysitting jobs for 13 year olds can be hard to find since some parents might be apprehensive about leaving their children with a young teen. But some 13 year olds are ready to baby sit; here are some signs your 13 year old can handle babysitting.

  1. He can prepare basic meals and take care of himself in the kitchen. Your teen will likely need to prepare basic meals for the children he is watching, so some basic knowledge in the kitchen is a must.
  2. Your child is patient with children. Patience sometimes comes with age; but some young teens already have enough patience for young children. If your teen is patient and even tempered with children even when they display tough behavior; she is probably ready to baby sit.
  3. He has good problem solving skills. The kids are all fighting over one toy. What will your young teen do? Caring for children requires good problem solving skills. If your 13 year old still relies on your to help solve all of her problems; she is not ready to take care of children on her own.
  4. She communicates with adults well. Your child will need to communicate with parents when searching for babysitting jobs, while interviewing and during a job. Your child should have good communication skills and be comfortable conversing with adults before taking on a babysitting job.
  5. She has completed babysitter training. Babysitter training courses teach important safety skills and basics about caring for children. Taking the responsibility to complete a course like this shows your child is taking the potential job seriously and the skills learned will make her a better babysitter.
  6. If you have pets, does your teen take care of them? The way your child cares for pets is a great way to gauge how he might care for small children. If he forgets or doesn’t feel like feeding and walking his dog; he is probably not ready for the responsibility of caring for children.
  7. Does she have any experience with children the age she wants to baby sit? If your child has never fed a baby or changed a diaper; babysitting an infant might not be a good idea. On the other hand, she might be great with a preschool aged child or older. Make sure your teen is familiar with and enjoys being with children the age she wants to care for.
  8. Does your teen handle emergencies well? Has your child ever experienced an emergency like helping an injured friend or escaping the house during a fire? If your child has dealt well in a situation like this; he might be a good babysitter candidate. Emergencies sometimes come up when caring for small children and your teen should be mature enough to handle one.
  9. How does your child handle household responsibilities? If you have to constantly remind your child to complete chores and homework; your child might lack the maturity and responsibility required to be a babysitter.
  10. Am I comfortable when leaving him home by himself? If you are uncomfortable leaving your young teen home alone for any reason; it is probably a sign that he is not quite ready for the responsibility of caring for children.

All teens are unique and have different skills and maturity levels. If you feel that your teen is highly mature and responsible and he or she wants to start babysitting to make extra money; encourage her by helping her enroll is any available babysitter courses and assisting her in finding babysitting jobs for 13 year olds.

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