Babysitting Jobs For 14 Year Olds

10 Challenges for 14 Year Old Sitters

A young teen that is very mature could make an excellent babysitter. Unfortunately being very young and looking for a babysitting job can be tough. Some challenges 14 year old babysitters face can make it difficult to find babysitting jobs for 14 year olds.

  1. Perceived maturity level - Some parents who are looking for a babysitter will not even consider a 14 year old because they might feel that a young teen is not responsible or mature enough to handle their children.
  2. A 14 year old cannot drive - Not being able to drive yet makes it harder to get to babysitting jobs and can limit the jobs your teen qualifies for. Some parents prefer a sitter who can drive children places or simply has the ability to drive in case of an emergency.
  3. Children taking advantage of him - A child who is old enough to realize that the sitter is on the younger and more inexperienced side might take advantage of the situation by being especially challenging.
  4. Parents taking advantage of her - This is unfortunate and not all parents would do this; but some parents might try to take advantage of a young babysitter’s inexperience by not paying as agreed or consistently staying out late.
  5. Emergency situations - Emergencies happen and it can be hard for a 14 year old teen to handle one. Babysitter training is helpful, but it will still be unsettling the first time an emergency occurs.
  6. Planning activities - Your teen will want to keep the children he is caring for busy by planning activities. It can be hard for young, inexperienced sitters to know what activities are age appropriate and will be fun for the children he is watching.
  7. Preparing meals - A young teen who is inexperienced in the kitchen will find it difficult to prepare meals for children while babysitting.
  8. Dealing with an unexpected problem - Unplanned situations do come up sometimes. What if the parents left and forgot the child needs to be driven somewhere that day? Young teens must stay calm and have a plan for dealing with unexpected issues.
  9. Caring for very young children who cannot talk - Caring for a baby or toddler who cannot communicate his or her needs verbally can be challenging for anyone. It is especially hard for a young teen who might be inexperienced with children of this age.
  10. Helping children with separation anxiety cope - Dealing with a young child who gets very upset when a parent leaves is a big challenge for any babysitter. Separation anxiety can mean screaming and excessive crying, and the babysitter will need a very high amount of patience.

Being a babysitter is challenging at any age. But young age and inexperience can make babysitting and finding babysitting jobs for 14 year olds especially difficult.

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