Babysitting Jobs for Teenagers in My Area

10 Sources of Babysitting Jobs for Teenagers in My Area

Finding babysitting jobs for teenagers in my area is easy. Here is a list of places to look for jobs; some specify the age of the baby sitter while others may require special training, such as first aid, CPR and more. With the proper certifications and references, parents are far more willing to hire a teenage babysitter.

  1. Word of mouth is the best advertising in the world. It costs nothing, and satisfied customers will sing your praises. It has been said in business that one satisfied customer will tell over a dozen people.
  2. The bulletin board or school job counselor at school may list jobs for students. Parents may call the school and list a job opening. This is a good way to get a job; with some courses, extra credit could apply. That’s like getting two for one.
  3. Scan the bulletin board at church or look for advertisements in the Sunday handouts. Church members may post a need for a babysitter.
  4. You could also purchase advertising space in the church handout for your services. Get permission to hand out flyers at church.
  5. Volunteer to help in the preschool or nursery at church. Let parents know you’re available for babysitting. They see your abilities firsthand, so they’re already familiar with you.
  6. Local newspaper advertisements are a good way to locate babysitting jobs. Make a list to ask potential clients about pay, the number of children, and so forth. The more you know beforehand the better you’ll be prepared for the job.
  7. Check with a local community center to advertise babysitting jobs on the bulletin board. Volunteering there is a good way for parents, a.k.a. potential clients, to get to know you.
  8. Your parents are a great source of advertising. They can let co-workers know you’re available for babysitting jobs. Your parents are familiar with their co-workers, and may have much of the information you need before you leave for the job.
  9. List your resume with a local babysitting service. Often, parents new to the area will call a service to hire babysitters. Some agencies offer first aid, child management, CPR and other classes to babysitters.
  10. Friends may need babysitting for a younger brother or sister. If the friend has to go to the doctor or hospital, small children need someone to watch them.

With a little work, finding babysitting jobs for teenagers in my area is fast and provides steady work.

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