Babysitting Jobs For Teenagers

10 Ways Teens Can Get Babysitting Jobs

Babysitting jobs for teenagers are among the most common ways for teens to make money. When looking for babysitting jobs, there are several different ways in which you can get word around and locate job possibilities. Review the list below for ideas to help you get started.

  1. Begin with Family and Friends - The best way to find babysitting jobs for teenagers is by word of mouth. Ask your parents to talk to their friends as well as co-workers to help you spread the word.
  2. Use a Flyer - Make a flyer with your contact information and place it on bulletin boards at the supermarket and other locations. Be sure to include tear-off strips with your phone-number.
  3. Pass out Flyers at School - Another great way to get the word out is by passing out flyers to teachers at school. Always make sure you get permission to do so first.
  4. Volunteer your Services - If you do not yet have a lot of experience, consider volunteering your babysitting services at day care facilities or with people you know to help you build-up skills and also to gain referrals.
  5. Advertise at Church - Your church, temple or synagogue is also a great place to volunteer your services as well as advertise. You might begin by volunteering in the nursery and then getting the word out from there that you are in business.
  6. Be a Mother’s Helper - Another great way to find babysitting jobs for teenagers is to begin as a mother’s helper. If you do not have any prior experience this is a great way to get started. Ask moms in your neighbourhood if you can volunteer to come over and help watch the kids while she does other tasks around the house.
  7. Go Online - There are now many websites where you can advertise your babysitting services online. Always tell your parents and have them speak to anyone you are considering babysitting for before accepting the job.
  8. Make your Own Business Cards - Babysitting is a business just like any other. Ask your parents to help you make business cards with your computer and then pass them out in your neighbourhood, in a nearby park or other areas where parents usually bring their children.
  9. Take a Babysitting Class - Get in contact with your local Red Cross to find out if they offer any babysitting classes. It’s a great way to demonstrate to parents you are responsible and you may be able to find jobs for sitters through the class.
  10. After School and Summer Care Programs - Check with local programs that offer after school and summer care programs such as at your local YMCA. This could be a great place to meet parents who are in need of sitters.

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