Babysitting Jobs Hiring Now

10 Quick Ways to Hire a Babysitter

Although posting a sign stating Babysitting Jobs Hiring Now on your front lawn may be effective, it may not be the best way to find a babysitter. Do not stop with the first candidate. It is important to have a number of caregivers available in the case of a conflict of scheduling when you need a babysitter.

  1. Keep in mind, no matter how conscientious a parent may be accidents happen, and so may be the situation when a babysitter is in charge. Only consider babysitters who have proof of successfully completing a babysitter/caregiver course sponsored by the local YMCA, American Red Cross or other certified organization.
  2. Ask family, friends and co-workers about babysitters they have used. Though this is a good source for referrals, it may hamper your time out if an event involves family, friends or co-workers needing a babysitter, too.
  3. Review online and printed advertisements sponsored by childcare training centers and other children oriented services (medical, recreation, church) for individuals offering babysitting service. Some ads may be listed under titles such as Babysitting Jobs Hiring Now and have pre-screened candidates available for hire.
  4. Ask each candidate for references and check them out. Ask the references their opinion about the candidate’s experience and how they interacted with their children. Churches, schools and other organizations usually have a review process which includes character references, background checks and fingerprint analysis before someone can offer their services in the care of minor children.
  5. Narrow your search for candidates with experience in similar ages and numbers of children. Even if a candidate has excellent credentials for caring for babies, they may not be up to the challenge of more than one at a time or of various ages and needs.
  6. Interview the candidates and observe the way they interact with your children. Observe them as they change a diaper or feed your child to register their level of expertise and confidence.
  7. Ask the candidates about their training and experience with emergency situations. Review several scenarios concerning choking, medical emergency, fire evacuation procedures, etc.
  8. Before you really need a babysitter, arrange for candidates to babysit and return to check on them unexpectedly.
  9. Prepare and review a list of emergency contacts with the candidates. Post the list near the telephone for quick access in the case of an emergency.
  10. Trust your instincts about the candidates.

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