Babysitters in Chicago

Located on the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago has been known variously as “the windy city” or “the city with big shoulders,” but has also become world famous for its wide range of academically rigorous schools and universities, great sources, of course, for babysitters.

Top 5 Colleges – Find Sitters

DePaul University – With an enrolled student body of just over 25,000, DePaul is one of the nation’s 10 largest private universities. Founded in 1898, DePaul is ranked highly across a number of fields of study, and the Blue Demons basketball team has been invited to play in the NCAA National Basketball Championship Tournament 18 times in its long and successful history.

University of Illinois at Chicago – UIC is a public research university with an undergraduate population of around 17,000, and an additional 9,000 graduate students. Among the world’s top 200 research-funded institutions, UIC boasts the largest college of medicine in the United States.

Loyola University Chicago – Founded in 1870, LUC is the largest Jesuit affiliated university in the United States, with approximately 16,000 registered undergraduates. Loyola has 6 campuses in the Chicago area and boasts 85 Master’s Degree programs, in addition to over 30 Doctorate studies programs.

Columbia College Chicago – As the largest private arts and media post-secondary school in the United States, Columbia has an undergraduate population of over 12,000. Columbia has more than 120 academic programs for students to choose from. It also has connections throughout Chicago’s business and arts community, with whom thousands of internships are fostered each year.

University of Chicago U of C was founded in 1890 by the American Baptist Education Society, with a grant from John D. Rockefeller. From the beginning, University of Chicago has been known for its devotion to academic scholarship. U of C has been associated with 85 Nobel Prize Laureates, and more than 100 Rhodes Scholars.

Top 5 High Schools – Find Sitters

Latin School of Chicago – Latin School was founded in 1888 as a parent-owned school designed to provide a rigorous college-prep curriculum and classical education curriculum. Even today, the Latin Language is still part of their curriculum. Latin School serves approximately 400 high school students with an 8:1 student to teacher ratio, and is able to boast that 100 percent of its 2010 graduates attend 4-year colleges.

Marist High School – Marist is a private, coeducational school affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, and hosts around 1,800 students. Known for a variety of rigorous academic programs, Marist also sends a large number of student athletes on to compete in major college athletic programs.

British School of Chicago – Founded in 2001, British School is exactly what the name implies. BSoC offers a British-style coeducational program from preschool through graduation. Though the student body is small, about 525 K-12, it includes children from a wide range of international families that live in the Chicago area.

Maria High School – Maria is an all-girls, grades 9-12 college prep school, sponsored by the Sisters of St. Casimir. Academic standards are very high, with 100% of the 2010 graduates attending college, and the school offers a wide range of co-curricular activities for its 300 students.

Josephinum Academy – Another small but highly regarded all girls school, Josphinum is a college prep middle and high school with a multicultural student body of approximately 150. As part of the Sacred Heart network of schools, rigorous academics and values-based instruction are built into its mission. Josephinum Academy was founded in 1890, by the Sisters of Christian Charity.