Babysitters in Cincinnati

Cincinnati has ranked in the top 5 of America’s most literate cities. This says a lot about their school systems. When searching for a babysitter, one of the first places many people choose to look is with local colleges and high schools. We have narrowed your options down to five of the best colleges and five of the best high schools in the Cincinnati area.

Top 5 Colleges – Find Sitters

University of Cincinnati – Founded in 1819, the University of Cincinnati has a total population of over 22,000 students. This school is known for its degrees in education. If you are looking for a babysitter who can help with tutoring your child, then this is the first place you should look.

Art Academy of Cincinnati – This rather small art college has been around since 1869. Their student body consists of less than 300 students. The vision of the school is to “excel and to be recognized as a vibrant, creative community dedicated to engaging innovative visual artists who make meaningful contributions to the world.” This would be a great place to look for a babysitter that can engage your children with expressive activities.

Xavier University – A Jesuit university founded in 1831, Xavier University has approximately 7,000 students enrolled each year. The school believes that the “Catholic tradition of academic excellence inspires students to think and communicate effectively, to foster a love of lifelong learning, to serve others, and to find God in all things.” If you are looking for a babysitter that shares the same religious beliefs as you, then this may be the place to look.

Union Institute & University – Founded in 1964, Union Institute & University is known for their non-traditional education opportunities that are designed to fit their student’s needs.  From varied class schedules to online learning opportunities, this school was designed for working adults who desire to go back to school.

Brown Mackie College – Brown Mackie is a two year degree college with 1,800 students enrolled at their Cincinnati campus. Nursing is one of the programs that Brown Mackie is known for, and if you are looking for a babysitter that is familiar with first aid and CPR, you should have no problem finding one at this institution.

Top 5 High Schools – Find Sitters

Saint Ursula Academy – This private, all girl, and college-prep school has a vision to “unleash the potential of each student to become a woman of faith, integrity and courage committed to building a better world.” These are great values to look for when hiring a babysitter.

Anderson High School – Home of the Redskins, Anderson High School has a population of over 1,300 students. Located in the Forest Hill School District, the school is shaped as a giant letter A. If you are located in the Hamilton County area, you are sure to find a great babysitter at this school.

Walnut Hills High School – If you are looking for a babysitter that goes to a good school, you shouldn’t have to look any further than Walnut Hills High School. They have consistently been ranked by Newsweek as one of the top 100 schools in the nation. The motto of ‘Rise to the Highest’ is very fitting for the school with an eagle for a mascot.

Taft Information Technology High School – Failure is not an option in the Taft IT program. Broken down into a prep academy and senior institute, students have the opportunity to study seventeen areas of information technology. Another great place to look for a babysitter.

James N. Gamble Montessori High School – This school works with its students to “develop a lifelong passion for learning and gain the confidence they need to thrive in an ever-changing world.” Using this philosophy, the Gamble school works to help make students aware of the world around them and become productive members of society. A babysitter is sure to be found in this bunch.