Babysitters in Los Angeles

Not to worry anyone, but it is true that there are almost 10,000 measurable earthquakes in Southern California every year, though “only” 15-20 are greater than a 4.0 magnitude. Angelenos know that a “seiche” (pronounced: SAYSH) is the sloshing of water in a swimming pool that is caused by earthquakes.

Follow the lead of locals when it comes to quakes. Know what you are supposed to do and where you are supposed to go in the event of a tremor, then forget about it and just go on with your business. If you are in the need of services of a babysitter in the LA area, here are a few sources for you.

Top 5 Colleges – Find Sitters

UCLA – Counting undergrads and graduate students there are almost 40,000 Bruins padding around the UCLA campus. Jack Black went to UCLA before he launched a career as a luchador in Mexico, and Mark Harmon quarterbacked the football team before he joined NCIS.

Pepperdine – If you need a sitter when you’re hanging around Malibu, check Pepperdine University. 8000 scholars manage to find time for classes, as well as beaches, at this Churches of Christ affiliated school. The Waves alumnus, Michael Schermer, was the founder of The Skeptics Society.

USC – Palmam qui meruit ferat - “Let whoever earns the palm bear it”. This is the motto for more than 50,000 Trojans at the University of Southern California. Sixteen astronauts have graduated from this top research school, including the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong.

Cal State University Northridge – CSUN is home to some 36,000 Matadors, all waving their capes throughout the San Fernando Valley. One of California’s few remaining old orange groves, dating to the 1920s, is thriving on the campus.

Cal State Fullerton – There are more than 36,000 Titans at this large public university. Originally, the school was called Orange County State College, and there were less than 500 students in the opening class of 1959.

Top 5 High Schools – Find Sitters

Chaminade – Chaminade College Prep was founded in 1952, and now serves 1250 students. This Catholic school has an awesome record for getting kids to college. Notable alumni include actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and Linda Hogan, ex-wife of wrestling personality Hulk Hogan.

Los Angeles High School – Founded in 1873, L.A. High is the oldest high school in Southern California. There are almost 2200 Romans sporting their blue and white. Science-fiction writer Ray Bradbury and Hollywood stars Dustin Hoffman and Piper Laurie are all graduates.

Roosevelt – Named for Theodore Roosevelt, the Rough Riders are 5,000 strong at one of the largest schools in the state. Rocky Horror Picture Show producer Lou Adler is an alum.

James A. Garfield – Garfield High is a big rival of Roosevelt and is another large school, with more than 4600 students. Boxer Oscar De La Hoya and the entire band called Los Lobos call Garfield their alma mater.

Sacred Heart – The all-girl Comets first blazed onto the scene in 1907, and the inaugural graduating class of 1911 consisted of 11 students. Today, almost 400 young women grace the hallways, and the school has an outstanding academic record.