Babysitters in New York City

The ‘Big Apple’ is known for Broadway shows, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and Timesquare. It is also known as a melting pot of immigration from every part of the world. In addition to all this, New York City is still a city of families, and families need babysitters. New York’s colleges and high schools will be the primary sources of babysitters in the city.

Top 5 Colleges – Find Sitters

City College of New York – One of the most diverse colleges in the United States, City College has over 90 different languages spoken on its campus. Established in 1847, it has been at its current location for over a hundred years. Its founder stated its purpose this way: “Let the children of the rich and the poor take their seats together and know of no distinction save that of industry, good conduct, and intellect.”

New York University – Over 40,000 students attend this university that is split into six different sites in the city. NYU has been a part of the higher education community of New York City for 175 years and will certainly be there for many more years to come.

Touro College – This a private, Jewish-sponsored, four-year college. With a current enrollment of over 19,000, the college has seen continual, sustained growth since it opened in 1971. Touro College also has branches in California and overseas.

Stern College for Women – As part of Yeshiva University, Stern College is private college for women that provides a Jewish spiritual setting in which to pursue higher learning. Women from many different geographical locations travel to New York City to study at Stern.

Hunter College – With over 20,000 students, Hunter is the largest college in the City University of New York system. It is also one of the oldest colleges in the country. Many students at Hunter are the first in their family to attend college, and most hold down jobs, in addition to their academic pursuits.

Top 5 High Schools – Find Sitters

Teacher’s Preparatory High School – Located in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, this is one of several specialty high schools in New York City, and one of several that specialize in preparing their students for a future teaching career. Brooklyn has the largest K-12 enrollment in the New York City school system.

Richard R. Green School of Teaching – This specialized high school is located in Manhattan and also has a focus on preparing its students for a career in the educational field.

The Queens High School of Teaching, Liberal Arts and Sciences – One more of New York’s high schools that has an education speciality. As with the other high schools for teaching, this speciality high school will have a much lower enrollment than a general track high school, but their students will goal orientated with their career already in mind.

Bronx Leadership Academy High School – This high school has a college-prep focus and pushes its students towards excellence. It also has a strong focus on community involvement and leadership for its students.

CSI High School for International Studies – This speciality high school is actually located on the College of Staten Island campus, even though it is a public high school. Its unique focus has been encouraged and supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, among other partners.