Babysitters in Philadelphia

Commonly known as “The City of Brotherly Love”, Philadelphia is the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania. “Philadelpia Cheesesteak” and the pretzel are two culinary delights that have their roots in this city. As the fifth most populous city in the country, babysitters are in high demand. It’s many colleges and high schools would be natural sources for locating a babysitter for your family.

Top 5 Colleges – Find Sitters

Drexel University – This private university has a student population of over 23,000 and is ranked 14th in size in the nations private universities. Use on technology in education has been one of Drexel’s top priorities. It was one of the first major universities to have a fully wireless campus, where internet could be accessed from anywhere on the grounds.

LaSalle University – This private Catholic university specializes in assisting students with undecided majors. It also has a highly acclaimed honors program and the only university art museum with a permanent display of Western art in the Philadelphia area.

Temple University – With four campus sites in the Philadelphia area, this college of over 37,000 students is well-known in the city. Hooter the Owl is the school’s mascot and the owl image is found throughout the school’s campuses. It was chosen based on the school’s origin as a night program of learning.

St. Joseph’s University – A Jesuit Catholic institution, students are expected to use the skills learned there for the betterment of all mankind. This university has been a part of Philadelphia’s history for over 150 years and has been a strong asset to the community.

Philadelphia University – This broad university had its start as the Philadelphia Textile School in 1876. Its purpose and offerings continued to expand with each generation until it became a fully accredited university in 1999.

Top 5 High Schools – Find Sitters

Mastery Charter School – This college prep school was founded on the belief that educational inequity is the biggest social problem that is being faced today. This charter school aims to solve that issue, at least for the city of Philadelphia.

Friends Select School – A private college prep high school of the Quaker tradition, it traces its roots back to the first Friends school in 1833. The Quaker values of respect, simplicity and searching after truth are an important part of the education at this high school.

High School of Creative and Performing Arts – Six art disciplines make up the specialized focus of this public high school. Creativity is nurtured in the midst of an equally strong academic environment.

Central High School – Parents and graduates of this public high school have given it a five star rating on It is a large and busy school, but also one with much opportunity.

Philadelphia High School for Girls – Originally created as a preparatory school for teachers, this all-girl high school is now a strong college prep school for all disciplines and attracts some of the brightest and most dedicated young women in the city to enter its doors.