Babysitters in San Diego

When explorer Juan Cabrillo sailed into San Diego, in 1543, he’d have been hard-pressed to find a babysitter. The only folks there to greet him were native Kumeyaay, who were a peaceful people, if not exactly welcoming to their future masters. Today, things are different in the San Diego area. The city is modern and cosmopolitan, though the county has more farms (nearly 7,000) than any other county in the nation. Mexico, with all of her beaches and cartels, is just a short drive south, and Los Angeles is just two-hours to the north. Whether you are visiting Sea World, or riding the Giant Dipper at Belmont Park, there are sources throughout the area if you need a hand finding a babysitter, and some of these are listed below.

Top 5 Colleges – Find Sitters

San Diego City College – From 35 students in 1914 to more than 30,000 today, City College has grown with the heart of San Diego for almost a hundred years. Occupying 60 acres in the city, the school has undergone tremendous renovation and improvement over the last twenty years.

San Diego Mesa College – Mission statement: “to inspire and enable student success in an environment that is strengthened by diversity, is responsive to our communities, and fosters scholarship, leadership and responsibility”. Mesa is among the largest schools in the state community college system.

University of San Diego – “There are three things that are significant in education: beauty, truth and goodness”. These are the words of Mother Rosalie Clifton Hill, as she spoke at 1949 groundbreaking ceremonies of what would eventually become the University of San Diego. The Toreros are now almost 7800 strong.

Point Loma Nazarene University – PLNU started out as Pacific Bible College, and there were only 41 students when the school opened in 1902. Today there are almost 3500 Sea Lions on campus pursuing a rigorous Christian liberal arts education.

San Diego State University – The alma mater of Gregory Peck and Art Linkletter has been an educational force for decades. Founded in 1897 as a tiny teachers school, SDSU has grown to 35,000 students, and Aztec alumni can be found worldwide.

Top 5 High Schools – Find Sitters

San Diego High School – Located at the edge of downtown, SDHS is a large school, serving 3,000 students. The oldest high school in the district, SDHS was founded in 1882, and was named Russ High, in honor of lumberman Joseph Russ, who donated wood to build the original school.

Arroyo Paseo Charter – Arroyo Paseo stresses a rigorous academic curriculum and works to provide access to the program to those who might otherwise be overlooked. The school is located in the City Heights community.

Patrick Henry – The Patriots, almost 2500 of them, attend this school named for one of America’s greatest revolutionaries. Students, faculty, friends and family alike anxiously await the dedication of the new football field sometime before Thanksgiving. Teams have been playing on “borrowed” fields.

La Jolla – LJHS is home to 1650 scholars, all of whom know that the correct pronunciation of “La Jolla” is “La Hoya”. If you are making inquiries in search of a babysitter, you will want to keep that in mind.

Mission Bay – The Mission Bay Buccaneers have a vision to respect: “A Mission Bay graduate is a literate and ethical citizen who is prepared to enter higher education and the work place in a changing and global society”. Notables who have passed through the halls include Frank Zappa, who did not graduate, and world champion surfer and board shaper Skip Frye, who did graduate.