Babysitters in Seattle

Seattle is known for several things: great coffee, fresh seafood, live-theatre, high-tech business and all this surrounded by the amazing beauty of nature. You have the Sound and the ocean on the west and beautiful wooded mountains to the north and east. It is an ever-growing city. As it draws in families and young people, you can find babysitter sources in its many colleges and high schools.

5 Top Colleges in Seattle – Find Sitters

Seattle Pacific University – This small private college is nestled in the heart of Seattle, in the Queen Anne Hill neighborhood. Most of the 4,000 students who attend there have chosen it based on its strong Christian heritage and its commitment to integrating Biblical studies with training for secular pursuits. Placing an ad for a babysitter in SPU’s college classifieds is likely to generate interest.

University of Washington – Seattle’s branch of the UofW is the biggest college campus in the city, with over 40,000 students. It is also one of the preeminent research universities in the world. This, combined with its seaport location, accounts for its strong influx of international students. Sustainability, healthy living and innovation are key focuses on this multicultural campus.

Seattle Community College – There are three campus sites that make up Seattle’s Community College, North, Central and South campuses. Each of the campuses support between 5,000 and 7,000 students. Many local high school students transition into college through the Seattle Community College. It provides an affordable college education in a much smaller setting than the UofW. It is a great place to find students looking to earn babysitting money during their first years of independence.

Seattle University – This private, four-year college was founded by the Jesuit’s in the late 1800′s. It maintains the strong commitment to excellence in education that it was founded on. A law school was added in the 1990′s, which has further bolstered its ranking among the top regional universities in the western United States. Although it has a strong Roman Catholic background, its students come from all faiths and walks of life.

Top 5 High Schools in Seattle – Find Sitters

Garfield High School – Home of the Bulldogs, Garfield’s motto is “A place where you make your dreams come true.” Garfield has the largest enrollment in the school district and has a history that is close to reaching its centennial celebration.

Ballard High School - “Remember, its always great to be a Beaver,” is the school slogan. Ballard boasts the oldest, continuous high school program in the city of Seattle. It was initially established in 1901 and moved to its current location in 1915. The building was completely demolished and rebuilt in 1999, but it’s still Ballard High.

Franklin High School - The Franklin High School student body has a diverse balance of ethnicity and culture: 51% Asian descent, 33% African American, 7% Caucasian, 8% Latino, and 1% American Indian respectively. The Quakers of Franklin High School have also been a part of the Seattle school system for over 100 years.

Nathan Hale High School – This Seattle school has the highest graduation rate of all the Seattle public high schools. They also have the highest rates of students going on to college after high school, an achievement that they are proud of.

West Seattle High School – 1917 was the year that this school officially opened as a high school. It still carries the Indian mascot in spite of several considerations regarding a replacement of that controversial figure. Renovations and new construction were begun on the school in 2000 to bring the buildings up to date.