Babysitters in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach history is tied to the earliest colonial settlements of the 17th Century. Before that, Native Americans had lived in the area, noted for good fishing and a temperate climate, for thousands of years.

Today, the Virginia Beach metropolitan area is heavily populated and boasts wonderful shoreline and a bustling economic environment. If you live in the area or need child care while you are visiting, here are some sources to look into.

Top 5 Colleges – Find Sitters

Virginia Wesleyan College – VWC is a small (1279 undergrad) school located less than seven miles from Virginia Beach. The Marlins are noted for their community support, and their integration of United Methodism with the challenging modern world is an ongoing mission.

Regent University – This Christian school of 5,000-plus students is heavily weighted toward graduate students, so anybody looking for a more mature sitter could be in luck. The school was founded by Pat Robertson in 1977. More than 145 Regent University alumni worked for the George W. Bush Administration.

Old Dominion University – ODU is a big school, with more than 18,000 students enrolled in undergraduate programs. A “dynamic public research institution” according to the mission statement, ODU is also a big-time basketball school, and the Monarchs are no strangers to March Madness. If you need a sitter who is tall enough to put candy out-of-reach, call a Monarch hoopster.

Norfolk State University – The Spartans are almost 6,000 strong, so there are ample opportunities to find a sitter at this school, which is located in the heart of the Hampton roads area. During the Civil War, the classic duel between the ironclads Monitor and Merrimac was waged nearby.

Hampton University – Home of the Emancipation Oak, site of the first southern reading of the Emancipation Proclamation. There are now 5,000 Pirates on campus, and it must be worth the experience; notable 1875 alumnus Booker T. Washington walked 500 miles from his West Virginia home just to attend the school.

Top 5 High Schools – Find Sitters

Frank W. Cox – The Falcons have been rated by Newsweek magazine as one of the best high schools in the country. The school has also won the Virginia High School League Wachovia Cup for academic and athletic achievement eight of the last seventeen years.

First Colonial High School – The Blue and Gold Patriots of FCHS harbor the spirit of the American Revolution. The lighthouse on the school seal was commissioned by George Washington. Singer Juice Newton is a grad.

Ocean Lakes High School – Established in 1994, OLHS was the tenth high school to be built in Virginia Beach, and at over 300,000 square feet is one of the largest educational facilities in the entire Commonwealth. The Dolphins volleyball team took third in the recent Endless Summer tournament.

Cape Henry Collegiate School – This college prep school serves students from pre-kindergarten through the twelfth-grade, and was founded in 1924. The recent completion of a 40,000 square foot science and technology building typifies the vision present at the school.

Green Run High School – The Mighty Stallions have been on the scene since 1979, and Green Run is one of just three Virginia Beach schools that were built on land that can be traced all the way back to Algonquin Indian settlements.