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Top 10 Responsibilities of a Babysitter

Babysitting for Kids is an excellent way for teens to make some extra money and increase the level of responsibilities they typically have. Now, what exactly the sitter will do depends on the guidelines the parents leave.

Responsibilities of a Babysitter

  1. Snacks and Meals – If the time the child is being babysat coincides with a regularly scheduled meal or snack time, then the sitter is in charge of making sure the child is fed along the dietary guidelines the parents leave.
  2. Hygiene – A babysitter will typically have to clean a child up in some form or way whilst watching them. It could be little like just washing food off their face and brushing their teeth, or the parents may ask the sitter to give the child a bath.
  3. Managing the Mess – It’s typically the sitter’s job to keep the house in decent order while working. Making sure the toys are picked up, there’s no food stuck to the ceiling, and any markings on the walls are removed promptly.
  4. Amusement – For younger children less likely to stay in their room the whole time, a babysitter is tasked with playing with them or providing them with amusement in some way. Be it watching their favorite show with them or playing Godzilla on unsuspecting block towns.
  5. Observing – Every babysitter must watch the child or children that they’re in charge of. From making sure no strangers come up to them outside, to keeping them away from the stove when it’s turned on.
  6. Report – A sitter is also responsible for informing the parent of any problems, misbehavior or general issues they may have had while babysitting. It could be anything from the child getting a scrape on their knee while playing outside, or a plate being broken while dinner was being made.
  7. Keeping Order – The rules and chores the parent typically has their child follow should either be explained or written out for the babysitter so that they can make sure that the child is behaving appropriately.
  8. Bed Time – Depending on the time of day the babysitter is working, they may be in charge of putting the child or children to bed. This would include making sure their teeth are brushed, pajamas on, and story read to them. It may also include checking for various creatures around the child’s room if need be.
  9. Restriction – If the parent has a limit to the amount of television, telephone, or computer a child gets to use then it’s up to the sitter to enforce these restrictions.
  10. Managing Conflict – If there are several children, there will most likely be arguments. Being able to manage these arguments and provide disciplinary measures are important.

Babysitting for kids is a wonderful way for a teen to gain more responsibility and awareness in life. It provides them with a small income and, if ever needed, references for future school or employment.

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