Babysitting Jobs Listings

Finding a babysitter you can trust with your children is an important task. The more applicants you can find, the better chance you have at finding a great sitter for your family. Whether you need regular care or an occasional sitter, finding ways to advertise that you need a sitter and creating creative babysitting job listings will help you find a great match.

  1. Local high schools - If you are open to a teenage babysitter, try talking to guidance counselors at local high schools. Counseling offices often have teen job boards or offer listings of available jobs for students.
  2. The Education or Child Development department of a local college - You will find some great candidates here that are training for a career working with children.
  3. Library - If your library has a community bulletin board; it is a great place to list an available babysitting job.
  4. At your workplace - If your place of work has a bulletin board, try posting the job here. One of your coworkers might know a great babysitter or have a teenager at home that would love the job.
  5. Online caregiver matching website - There are several websites out there that parents looking for babysitters and sitters looking for work can register on. Some are free and some require a small fee; but you will have access to many different babysitters and you can post exactly what you are looking for to make finding a good babysitter easier.
  6. Playgroup - Try letting other moms in your playgroup know you need a sitter by mentioning it at a play date or posting to your group’s online forum. Other moms might have teens that baby sit, or they might be able to recommend some great sitters they have used.
  7. A babysitter training class - Check to see if there are any local babysitter training classes and ask if your babysitting job listing can be included on any list or bulletin board they have.
  8. The Red Cross or other CPR and First Aid training site - Check to see if local CPR and First Aid training sites like the American Red Cross posts babysitting job listings. Many babysitters take these types of classes to prepare for babysitting.
  9. The town pool, bowling alley or other teen hangouts - Try posting your babysitting job at some popular teen hangouts.
  10. Newspaper or online classifieds - Classifieds are a very popular way to post and search for available jobs. Many online classifieds are also free.

Think about what type of babysitter you are looking for including age preference and then decide which places are best for you to post your babysitting job. Choose a few places to get more responses and have more options to choose from.

Don’t forget to check out more information in our Babysitting Job Glossary!