Babysitting Jobs Near You

So you enjoy taking care of children, are good with them, and have decided to use your skills to start a babysitting business. Now what? Finding babysitting jobs can be a lot like finding any job. You might know your skills but how do you go about finding people who need babysitters and convincing them you’re the right one for the job? Here are the top ten ways to find babysitting jobs near you.

  1. Get the word out. Tell everyone you know you are looking for babysitting jobs. Word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to advertise.
  2. Have business cards made. A business card is a professional way to show you are serious about your business, as well as a handy marketing tool, making it easy for people to get in touch with you.
  3. Advertise in public places. Print up colorful informative fliers and post them on community bulletin boards found in many libraries and places of business.
  4. Distribute fliers in your neighborhood. Hanging fliers on your neighbor’s doors is another good way to advertise. If you happen to see people outside, introduce yourself and ask them to keep you in mind when they need childcare.
  5. Browse the classifieds. You can look for babysitting jobs in your newspaper or online. Often search engines can help you find the jobs that are convenient to your side of town.
  6. Run an ad in the classifieds. Always be cautious when using the classifieds. Meet prospective clients in a public place, never go alone and ask for references.
  7. Register on a babysitting network. Babysitting referral services such as sittercity, and babysitters4hire allow you to create a profile and match you with parents who are looking for sitters in your area.
  8. Take CPR classes. Aside from the obvious benefits, taking infant CPR can allow you to connect with parents looking for babysitters who are well trained in safety.
  9. Volunteer. Another way to get exposure is to volunteer to help with children’s programs at your local YMCA or a daycare center. The experience it will give you is an added benefit.
  10. Get letters of recommendation. Once you’ve had a few babysitting jobs don’t be afraid to ask people to write letters recommending your services. Parents feel more comfortable hiring you if other people have convinced them of your competence.

The basics of getting good babysitting jobs near you does not have to be a complicated process but it does take a little hard work. First of all it requires letting people know about your services through good communication and advertising, secondly making sure people see you have the proper training and finally, proving yourself to be someone parents can trust with their children.

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