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10 Ways to Tell People You are Now Hiring a Sitter

Taking care of your child is obviously a first priority. However, every parent also knows that it is important to have some time to yourself and that’s when a babysitter comes in handy. Hiring a babysitter can be a fairly easy process if you consider these top ten ways for getting the word out.

  1. Babysitting Jobs Now Hiring newspaper ads placed in the Sunday paper are a fairly inexpensive and convenietn means of reaching a wide audience in a short amount of time. Simply include your requirements and an interview time to screen different applicants.
  2. Flyers can be placed in the door around the neighborhood that advertises hours needed, a contact number, and pay range.
  3. A creative way to reach local sitters in the area is to place posterboard Babysitting Jobs Now Hiring signs on main streets and neighborhood roads that will reach passing traffic.
  4. Internet sites display help wanted categories that will appeal to the internet savy crowd who want a great part-time job.
  5. Church is a very appropriate activity to get the word out that you are hiring a sitter. Also, it helps that you are hiring someone in the same community and might be a little more reliable than a complete stranger.
  6. Placing small signs in the back window of a car can reach teenage drivers or other motorists that are stuck at the red light. They can jot the number down while they are waiting.
  7. If your workplace is full of employees that are in the same age group, they might have teenagers who are looking to make an honest dollar and will make great prospective applicants.
  8. If you live in a small town, town meetings are public forums which allow attendees to voice any individual concerns. This would be an excellent opportunity to express your need for a quality babysitter.
  9. Football games are excellent events for meeting other parents who have teenagers or know someone who is interested in babysitting.
  10. Lastly, short radio advertisements may be a little more costly pursuit, but will reach a wide variety of young listeners who are looking to make some extra money, from college kids to teenagers.

The babysitting hiring process doesn’t have to be a nightmare. By incorporating these unique suggestions, you will save a lot of unnecessary hassles and find your dream babysitter in no time.

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