Babysitting Jobs Online

10 Tips for Finding Babysitting Jobs Online

Babysitters used to rely on word of mouth to find babysitting jobs. Technology allows today’s babysitters to market their services through social media outlets. Here are ten ways to find babysitting jobs online.

  1. Create a flier that lists your availability, fees, contact info and any selling points, such as education or experience. Email it to everyone you know and ask them to forward it to their contacts as well.
  2. Alert your Facebook friends that you are looking for babysitting gigs. Ask them to share the info.
  3. Use Twitter to get the word out also. Ask your followers to retweet.
  4. When marketing your babysitting services through social networking sites, make sure that all of your other posts convey a professional image. Avoid posting photos of you making out with your boyfriend or sharing stories of the party you attended the night before in your status updates. Potential clients will be paying close attention to you.
  5. Post an ad on an online classified site, such as Craig’s List. Your local newspaper probably has an online classified section as well.
  6. Read the “help wanted” sections of the online classified. People frequently post when they are in need of a babysitter.
  7. Sign up for a babysitter database, such as Sitter City. These websites allow you to post a profile and picture describing your services and experience. People in need of a sitter can search the site and contact those they think might be a good fit for caring for their children.
  8. Look up local parenting groups, such as PTAs, Mommy and Me clubs and organizations that offer parenting classes. Email a flier and your resume to the contact listed on the website. Introduce yourself and ask them to pass your information along to the group’s members.
  9. Post your services on online message boards for people in your area. Don’t forget to check back frequently to see if anyone has commented or asked questions.
  10. Once you’ve found some clients and started working as a babysitter, make sure you stay in touch with your clients. Send them an email to let them know you enjoyed babysitting their children and are looking forward to doing it again. Customer service is an important aspect in any business.

By using these methods to find babysitting jobs online you’ll be booked solid and raking in the cash.

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