Babysitting Jobs Open

10 Ways to Be Alerted Of Open Babysitting Jobs

When babysitting jobs open, you want to be prepared to immediately contact parents to apply. The faster you get notification of open positions, the better chance you have of earning extra income as a babysitter. Stay organized in your job search to find open babysitting jobs.

  1. Faith Community Flyer - Put up an advertisement in your church or other place of worship indicating that you are available for babysitting. Parents like to work with people or children of those they know when finding care for their kids.
  2. Community Bulletin Board - Advertise on community bulletin boards in your town. Grocery stores, cafes and banks are some places to find community boards. You can typically advertise for free. Get permission first before you post, though.
  3. Email Notification - Post babysitter profiles on babysitting websites. Set your notifications to occur when new positions open, not just once every few days or once a day.
  4. Text Message - Set your notifications to include text messages when you set up accounts on various babysitting websites. You will be immediately in contact with parents when they need on-call help.
  5. Friends - Contact your friends and acquaintances. Ask them to let you know if they have babysitting jobs open. Remind them periodically that you are available.
  6. Craigslist Advertisement - Put an advertisement up on Craigslist advertising your babysitting services. Ask parents to call you, and provide your phone number. If you have access to mobile email, check your email often as parents may respond via email.
  7. Day Care - Let your day care provider know that you are willing to watch other parents’ children if they become ill or if parents just need a night out. The day care may let you post your contact information for babysitting on the parents’ information board.
  8. Parents’ Ads - In addition to checking parents’ advertisements on babysitting websites, check Craigslist for advertisements parents post for open babysitting jobs.
  9. Work - Let your friends and colleagues at work know that you are willing to babysit for them. Parents who work with you on a regular basis are more likely to trust someone they know than a stranger.
  10. Schools - Contact local elementary and preschools in your area to see if they will let you advertise yourself as a babysitter there. It is best to start with schools where your children currently or have attended in the past where you are known.

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