Babysitting Jobs Part Time

10 Reasons Most Babysitting Jobs are Part-time

For child care providers looking for full time work it can be difficult to find children to watch full time. One nice thing about babysitting is that you can schedule several part time jobs to equal full time pay as long as you are flexible. The question is, why are most babysitting jobs part time?

  1. Parents don’t need child care when their children are in school. This make more before and after school care babysitting jobs available.
  2. Unemployment numbers are increasing. Instead of paying for child care while they are unemployed, parents may opt to have someone watch their kids only during interviews.
  3. Parents work part time to make ends meet. If a parent works part time to pay bills, they might look for someone to watch their kids to cover a rotating work schedule.
  4. One parent may decide to work earlier in the day than the other parent to reduce daycare costs. This restricts babysitting needs to the overlapping hours in their schedules.
  5. Parents return to work after their children start going to school. This opens up children who have never been in daycare to need a baby sitter after school.
  6. Parents need a night out too. Parents will look for someone on date night to watch the kids so they don’t have to worry while they’re out.
  7. School age children babysit younger siblings after school. Children that aren’t in school yet may only need to be watched until their older siblings get home from school.
  8. Day care centers offer full time care for children. Many centers only have full time schedules available. This is an area where part time caregivers can fill a need for parents.
  9. The parents don’t know you yet. Part time babysitting jobs can lead to full time jobs down the road, especially if the parents are happy with how well you interact with their children.
  10. Kids are afraid of the dark, and so are parents. Burglaries are more likely at night, so children that parents feel comfortable leaving at home during the day might need a sitter at night.

With so many part time jobs available, earning a full income is possible. Making a full time income by working babysitting jobs part time requires a flexible schedule. Being available for parents when they need someone can lead to more work, and even more money.

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