Babysitting Jobs Pay

10 Tips for Finding How Much Babysitting Jobs Pay

You have several options to find out how much babysitting jobs pay. Research is required to find out how much you can reasonably charge for your babysitting services in your area. Reading babysitting advertisements is an easy way to do so.

  1. Look on Craigslist. Many babysitting jobs are posted on Craigslist. Look at the rates parents will pay and what charge for their services.
  2. Ask Your Friends. Talk to your friends who have children. Ask them what they typically pay for a babysitter or what they are willing to pay for one.
  3. Nanny Websites. Visit nanny agency websites to find out how much families who use their services pay. Check the FAQ page for parents and for nannies. Although a nanny is a professional and often works more hours than a babysitter, families sometimes approach nanny agencies to help them identify qualified sitters.
  4. Visit Babysitting Websites. Look at national or local babysitting sites. Search through the user profiles of families and of sitters to see what families will pay and what sitters charge. Each site may also have a pricing guideline to help you determine what to charge in your particular location.
  5. Call a Child Care Center. Call a few child care centers in your area to find out what the going rates for babysitters are. Although child care centers offer another type of child care and their pricing will not be what a babysitter can charge, the director works in the child care industry and is knowledgeable about how much babysitting jobs pay.
  6. Put an advertisement up on a sitter site or on Craigslist. State your rates clearly in your advertisement. If you don’t get any calls to babysit, your prices may be too high or low.
  7. Child Care Provider. Ask your child’s day care teacher how much she thinks babysitting jobs pay.
  8. Community Bulletin Boards. Look for babysitting flyers on community bulletin boards. See how much the sitters charge.
  9. Use an online calculator. Several babysitting sites offer free babysitting calculators you can use to determine your rates.
  10. Extra Pay. Babysitting on holidays, caring for infants or children with special needs, housework, overnights, weekends, tutoring, more experience and driving children warrant extra pay. If you care for more than one child, you might charge $1 or $2 extra per hour per child on top of your base fee.

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