Babysitting Jobs Rates

Figuring out the going babysitting job rates in your area can be difficult. Try these tips if you’re trying to find out a good rate to pay your sitter, or charge your clients.

  1. Ask your friends. If your friends are also parents, they probably have had to hire a babysitter recently. Discreetly inquire what they paid.
  2. Ask other sitters. A lot of times, a babysitter will have no problem telling you what they charge. Of course, determining the difference between what someone charges and how much they actually make can be more of a challenge.
  3. Look at what professional sitters charge. Professional sitters often contract with placement services and/or large hotel chains, so they can charge more for their services. Nonetheless, it is a good place to get an idea of the top rates charged in your area.
  4. Inquire at local daycares. Take the cost per child charged by a local daycare and divide by it by the maximum amount of time a child can stay there. This should give you an idea of where the bottom of the babysitting job rates in your area are.
  5. Charge (or pay) what you think babysitting is worth. If you cannot find anyone else to compare to, consider charging or paying an amount you make up on your own.
  6. Advertise a rate, then adjust. Once you make up a rate, the number of clients you attract or the quality of babysitters you interview will let you know if you have charged too much or too little.
  7. Call your local Labor Department. Many local Labor Departments keep statistics on pay rates based on the income taxes filed by people in the area.
  8. Do an internet search. Just typing “babysitter rate in your area” can give you some good results.
  9. Ask at parent events. Meet other parents at kids’ events, and ask around.
  10. Trade services with other parents. If you just can’t seem to find a babysitter at the right price, offer to trade services with another parent.

Once you know how much the going babysitting job rates in your area are, it will be easier to come up with how much you should charge for your services or pay a baby sitter in your employ. Remember to continue to ask around every couple of months in order to make sure that what you pay or what you charge is in step with the times.

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