Babysitting Jobs Requirements

10 Steps for Clarifying Babysitting Job Requirements

Congratulations on getting a babysitting job! Before you show up for work, you will need to do some planning and preparation in order to make sure that your babysitting job goes as smooth as possible. Babysitting job requirements vary from job to job depending upon many factors One of the best ways to ensure that your babysitting experience is a great one is to clarify your babysitting job requirements with your employers ahead of time.

  1. Clarify what the bedtime routine, especially if you are watching young children. For example, will you be responsible for putting the kids to bed or just keeping them entertained until the parents come home? In addition, some young children may get upset if their routine is upset.
  2. Clarify the household routine. After dinner, there may be homework that must be done and then it may be time for bed.
  3. Do your employers expect you to do the dishes or light housework? This is important to ask. At the very least, you should clean up after yourself and the children while you are babysitting. Don’t leave a sink full of messy dishes that you have created for your employers to do when they arrive home!
  4. Clarify the household rules. For example, in some houses, jumping on the couch is strictly off limits. In other families, this doesn’t matter.
  5. Clarify what to do in case of an emergency and make sure to get emergency phone numbers and information.
  6. Clarify discipline measures. For example, if the children misbehave, should you put them on time out, or just report the incident to your employers when they arrive home?
  7. Clarify rules about electronic usage. What types of video games are the children allowed to play? What shows are they allowed to watch and which shows are off limits? Clarify rules about cell phone usage or texting.
  8. Clarify if there are any food allergies. If there are, be sure to note which foods are off limits.
  9. Clarify your pay rate! This is very important. However, it is usually best to discuss money matters after you have gone over other business.
  10. Clarify important information such as the household address, directions to the house, and travel arrangements. Some families prefer that a babysitter have his or her own transportation. Other families do not mind transporting a babysitter to and from the job.

It may seem like a lot of work at first to clarify these things. However, clarifying important babysitting job requirements will save you quite bit of work and stress.

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