Babysitting Jobs Salary

10 Ways to Make a Living as a Babysitter

A babysitting job salary determines the standard of living one can achieve when babysitting for a living. When choosing babysitting as a career, evaluate the level of care and the services one provides. To earn a living babysitting, consider implementing the following ten tips.

  1. Obtain background clearances and safety certifications. Background checks and child abuse clearances prove to parents that their children will be safe with the caregiver. CPR and First Aid certificates increase a babysitting job. Parents entrust their children to caregivers trained in safety procedures.
  2. Provide educational lessons for total child development. Play musical games to reinforce numbers and the alphabet. Teach motor skills with races and jump ropes. Teach social skills such as sharing and teamwork. Offer preschool preparatory lessons.
  3. Include nutritious meals and snacks. Rather than serve processed or sugar filled snacks and meals, offer a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Introduce new food choices, and explain My Food Plate to the children.
  4. Increase the fee for infant care. Infants require more care and attention than toddlers or preschooler do, and caregivers can charge more to care for infants.
  5. Offer last minute care. Emergencies or spontaneity of parents can increase a babysitting business. Charge extra for last minute babysitting in order to compensate for broken plans and parental convenience.
  6. Expand hours of operation. Offer childcare on the weekends and during second and third shifts. Charge more for the shift differential, and meet a need with expanded hours.
  7. Babysit at events. Parents appreciate qualified childcare while they attend meetings or socialize. Caregivers increase their salary by marketing their certifications, clearances, and activities offered.
  8. Blog about one’s babysitting services. Write about childcare health and safety or educational tips. Create unique, well-written blogs that display one’s expertise and unique perspective.
  9. Specialize in special needs care. Take college courses to increase qualifications to care for children with autism, Down’s syndrome, speech, or occupational therapy needs.
  10. Advertise on Craigslist,, the local newspaper, and other sites. Provide quality childcare to gain excellent word of mouth advertising. Protect one’s babysitting reputation by providing constant child supervision, earning continuing education credits, and teaching the children life skills.

While parents desire inexpensive childcare, they only hire trustworthy caregivers. Increase a babysitting job salary by offering extensive childcare services. Earn safety certifications, and commit to child development. Increase services and offer a quality program to make a living babysitting.

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