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10 Common Reasons for Needing a Sitter in the U.S.

Parents living in a suburban community are always on the go with activities. Having more than one child requires juggling schedules, carpooling, and incredible time management. There are many reasons to hire babysitting assistance.

  1. Time Out – adults need to take time out to enjoy each other, such as having a nice dinner and movie. This is probably the number one reason for babysitting jobs in my area.
  2. School Activities – sometimes taking all the children to one child’s school activity is not feasible. A babysitter allows parents to attend events where small children are not appropriate, especially for parent-teacher meetings during the school hear.
  3. Mother’s Helper – in order to get things done around the house, having a babysitter watch the kids and keep them occupied is a great help. Spring house cleaning is a perfect example of the need to hire a babysitter who can take the children outside for a few hours.
  4. Shopping Excursions – when school starts, shopping for clothes for one child with other children tagging along can be challenging. A babysitter watching the children not purchasing clothes saves time and frustration.
  5. Volunteering Activities – when parents volunteer in the community a babysitter watching the children allows the adults to concentrate on their service to the community.
  6. Sick Child – sometimes work schedules do not allow parents to take time off to stay home with a sick child. My community has babysitting services for parents who have a child at home with a cold or flu.
  7. Doctor’s Visits – when one child has to visit the doctor, hiring a babysitter to watch other children makes sense. Parents can focus on the health of the child visiting the doctor rather than trying to control other children.
  8. Social Events – many social events such as weddings exclude children. The parents can get a babysitter to watch the kids while they go to the event and celebrate with friends or family.
  9. Football Games – football games are a big event in this town. Older kids like the games, but sitting in a cold stadium for several hours is not fun for toddlers.
  10. Break-Time – often parents just need a break for no real reason. Hire a babysitter and spend time reading a book.

Babysitting jobs in the U.S. are very competitive. It provides the parents with a much needed break while it teaches the babysitter about responsibility, work ethics and managing their money. It is a win-win for all.

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