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10 Local Babysitting Challenges to Watch For

Babysitting is one of the most rewarding jobs. However, it can be very difficult to secure a babysitting job, especially in small towns and overpopulated cities. Babysitting jobs your area has may not always be the opportunity you hoped for. Here are 10 local babysitting challenges to watch for.

  1. Not enough work: In small towns, there may not be a high demand for babysitters. If you solely rely on babysitting for an income, you may struggle to find work.
  2. Too much work: This may seem like a wonderful problem to have, but it upsets many people. If your schedule is too full, you may be depressed to know that you can’t help everyone.
  3. Other competition: There is a good chance that someone else is competing for your clients. You need to stay ahead of the competition.
  4. Transportation issues: Even local babysitting jobs can have a challenging commute. If you have transportation issues, you may want to resolve them before taking a job as a babysitter.
  5. Change of heart: Because many babysitters are freelancers, meaning they don’t work for a single company, you may endure the pain of losing work. It is frustrating to know that your new client changes his or her mind about your position.
  6. Busy schedules: Some parents operate on a busy schedule. You will be forced to work with their schedule, which may conflict with your own schedule.
  7. Unruly children: Unfortunately there are kids who are not well-disciplined. Many parents leave it up to the school system and babysitters to teach their kids how to behave. However, studies show that children do not respect the guidance of babysitters or teachers as much as they do their parents.
  8. Pay rate: Often times, babysitters are not paid as much as they should be paid. If you rely on babysitting to pay bills, you may have to play hardball with some clients. However, this may not go well in your favor, since they know they can hire a teenager to babysit for pennies.
  9. Naysayers: If you decide to become a full-time babysitter, you will probably face opposition from friends and loved ones. Do not let their negativity affect your passion.
  10. Advertisement: The babysitting jobs your area has to offer is usually found from word of mouth marketing. Unfortunately, there are many jobs that you will never find unless you advertise. Even more unfortunate, it is hard to advertise yourself as a babysitter; many parents want to know and trust the people with whom they leave their children.

Take these 10 issues to mind when you start looking for new clients. Don’t let the hard times stop you from doing what you love. Take these tips and address each issue.

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