10 Bedtime Stories Requested of Babysitters

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Reading stories at bedtime is a common tradition in many homes. Even if it is not a nightly tradition in the home, many kids will request stories from their babysitters. Laying still and listening to stories is a great way to help small children to unwind and relax at bedtime. Here are ten of kid’s favorite bedtime requests.

  1. I Love You Stinky Face - “But, Momma, what if…?” This is the phrase that is repeated continually throughout this fun story of a little boy with a big imagination, whose mother has given him the pet name of “Stinky Face”. Cyd Moore’s colorful illustrations perfectly compliment this delightful tale by Lisa McCourt.
  2. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very, Bad Day – A few extra adjectives attached to a ‘very, bad day’, serve to emphasis just how many things went wrong for Alexander on this particular day. Many children empathize with Judith Viorst’s story of a day full of disappointments.
  3. Go, Dog, Go! Blue dogs, yellow dogs, green dogs, white dogs, all kinds of dogs fill this very simple little story. Concepts such as up versus down and over versus under are incorporated into this story by P.D. Eastman that helps kids learn their colors in a very fun way.
  4. Are You My Mother? Another P.D. Eastman book, this suspenseful story of a baby bird looking for its mother is one that kids love to request over and over. Even after the kids learn the happy ending to the story, the silly things that the baby bird suspects of being its mother keep them giggling every time.
  5. Olivia – Ian Falconer is the creator of this precocious little piglet named Olivia. Olivia is filled with energy and curiosity. Many little children easily identify with Olivia and hope that their mothers will be as patient with them as Olivia’s is with her.
  6. Curious George – Whether it’s the original or one of the many stories that followed, the Rey’s troublesome monkey, Curious George, continues to keep children entertained and laughing at this innocent little primate whose curiosity is always getting him into trouble.
  7. The Little Engine That Could – “I thought I could, I thought I could, I thought I could,” chugged the little engine. “I think I can” and “I thought I could” are the two phrases that kids take away from this Little Golden Book story that has been encouraging kids for years to tackle big tasks with a positive attitude.
  8. The Cat in the Hat – This is just one of the many Dr. Seuss books that children have loved and requested over the years, but it is probably the most well known. The mischievous cat and his red and white striped hat are a sure sign of trouble headed your way.
  9. Llama, Llama, Red Pajama – Ann Dewdney uses the rhyming storytelling that children love to tell her stories about Llama, Llama and his Mama. The red pajama story is a favorite for bedtime.
  10. Corduroy – Teddy bears, children and bedtime naturally go together. Don Freeman’s book about a teddy bear looking for a home and a little child looking for a special toy is a great ‘warm, fuzzy feeling’ story that is perfect for sending small children off to happy dreams.

There are many more great bedtime stories that children love to hear over and over again. Some of them have been around for many, many years and others may be fairly new to our libraries. Either way, story time and bedtime make perfect partners.

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