10 Common Complaints with Babysitters

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Finding good, reliable babysitters for your children can be a difficult task. The care of your children is such an important responsibility. You don’t want to entrust it to just anyone. Unfortunately, even with the most careful selection, there can still be issues with the babysitters we hire. Here are ten of the most common complaints they parents have made about the babysitters they have hired.

  1. On the phone. It used to be a very big issue, when babysitters were using the home landline for chatting with their friends, because parents would get a busy signal when they tried to call home to check on the kids. Now, babysitters usually come with their own cellphone in their pocket. They don’t tie up a phone line, but they still can be more focused on their cellphone conversations than on caring for the kids.
  2. Watching TV. This is another way the babysitters often get distracted from their paid duties. It can be easy for babysitters, of any age, to get engrossed in a movie or television program and leave the kids to care for themselves.
  3. No cleanup. Parents should not expect their babysitters to do their housekeeping for them, but they should expect to return to a home that looks at least in the same condition as when they left. A common complaint is when babysitters allow children to make a mess of the house and then not have the children put things away before the parents return.
  4. Visitors. If your babysitter has asked for permission to have a specific friend come by to visit while they are babysitting, and you have approved it, then there is no reason for complaint. The issue is when visitors are coming to your house that you did not give approval to ahead of time, especially when the visitor is of the opposite sex.
  5. Cancellations. Most parents will try to line-up a babysitter for a night out plenty of time in advance. Good babysitters need to be reserved ahead of time. However, last minute cancellations from a babysitter because they found something else to do that evening, can destroy all that good planning.
  6. Overcharging. Expecting to be paid top dollar for very little work is another common complaint about babysitters. Babysitters should expect to be compensated for their time, but they should also be expected to earn that compensation while they are there.
  7. Lack of leadership. Babysitters who are unwilling or unable to take charge of the children is another complaint. Parents want to know that the babysitter is setting the direction for the time spent with the children, not the children themselves.
  8. Immaturity. An immature babysitter may be a great playmate for your kids, but that same immaturity could be disastrous if a serious crisis arose while they are on duty.
  9. Unavailable. This is one of the biggest complaints about ‘good’ babysitters; they are seldom available to babysit when you need them. They are either already booked with someone else or they have other commitments that keep them too busy to babysit.
  10. Lack of references. Even if a babysitter has done babysitting for other parents, they often don’t think to collect a list of names and phone numbers to provide to you before you hire them for the first time. Their word may be perfectly good, but it is still much more reassuring to talk to the other parents yourself.

Distractions and irresponsibility seem to be the biggest complaints about the services of the average babysitter; the other, of course, being that the best ones aren’t available when you need them.

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