10 Crazy Lies Most Teenagers Tell

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Whether they’re looking to get out of a scrape, put one over on their parents in order to get away with something that isn’t allowed or just make themselves look better, teenagers have a tendency to bend the truth to the breaking point sometimes. While there are as many falsehoods as there are teens to spread them, there are a few crazy lies that seem to crop up more often than others. These are 10 of the most common, most ridiculous lies that teenagers tell from time to time.

  1. “The Dog Ate My Homework” – There’s something about a classic that never goes out of style, and this lie is definitely one of them. While it’s so cliché that it probably wouldn’t be believed even if it were true, teens still cling to the old excuse of canine interference when they haven’t done their homework.
  2. “I Can Drive” – Without a valid license, insurance and the permission of a parent, teenagers should never get behind the wheel of a car. Still, some kids will actually try to get over on this one and dupe an unsuspecting relative or friend. The consequences of getting caught in this lie while driving are just not worth it, but that doesn’t stop a teen from trying to get away with the deed.
  3. “I Promise I Won’t Get Angry” – Someone once said promises are made to be broken, though they’re generally considered a sacred oath. This is a very popular lie among the female set, who are known for telling their friends that they really want to know the truth about something and promising that they can handle it when the truth comes out.
  4. “Everybody Else is Doing It” – From experimentation with drugs to drinking to teen sex, the lie that everyone else is partaking in a risky activity convinces other teens that they’ll be ostracized if they don’t fall in line. While it’s a common one, this lie can be particularly problematic and can lead to very real consequences.
  5. “It’s Not a Big Deal” – Teens have a way of dismissing very serious situations with an attitude, claiming that they are “no big deal.” In fact, most of the things they’re so dismissive of are very big deals, and that’s why they feel inclined to downplay their importance.
  6. “I Just Went Over to My Friend’s House to Study” – When kids go places they have no business going or they sneak out on a date without your permission, the great cover-up is often a study session with friends. While you may think your little genius is hitting the books and getting brainier, the truth is she is out roaming the mall with friends or worse.
  7. “I’m Spending The Night With a Friend” – Make sure that the friend your teen says she is spending the night with is actually the friend she’s going to visit. It’s not just in the movies where a teenager will leave with a girlfriend for a sleepover only to wind up at some boy’s house or an all-night party when the parents are gone for the weekend.
  8. “Everybody Else Got the Same Bad Grade” – This ranks up there with “My teacher hates me!” Very rarely does an entire class have failing marks on a test or quiz, so if your child hands you this malarkey, contact the school and find out if the teacher is really as bad as your kid would have you believe.
  9. “My Little Brother Did It” – When asking teens about some of the crazy lies they told, blaming transgressions on younger siblings was pretty popular. It’s an easy lie to tell, as little ones are often inadvertently destructive and rarely willing to accept responsibility. Blaming a broken lamp on a younger sibling is right up there with claiming that the dog ate homework in terms of popularity, largely because it’s not always easy to disprove.
  10. “My Parents are Rich” – With all the reality shows on TV depicting lavish lifestyles and celebrating extreme privilege, it’s no wonder that many kids wish they were living the life of an heiress. Kids lie to each other about their parent’s income because it’s cool to be wealthy, without a thought about the consequences or moral implications.

Unfortunately, society often regards white lies as a necessary evil, and the consequences for lying are not always immediate or meaningful. Oftentimes there are no consequences at all, so kids learn to continue to lie in hopes they don’t get caught. Establishing a habit of lying to cover one’s tracks can lead to very real consequences in adulthood; after all, “I can drive without a license” isn’t far removed from, “I only had a few drinks, I’m perfectly fine to drive.”

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  1. This is an excellent list of popular lies that teenagers are likely to tell. If your teenager is lying, you should attempt to find out the reason why your teenager is telling these lies.