10 Crazy Things Kids Stick Up their Nose

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As we all know it’s hard for kids to resist sticking things in their ears and noses.  They are curious about their bodies and don’t know the consequences of anything at this point.  Some may have been warned that it’s not a good idea to stick things in your nose/ear, but when one is having such a grand time playing, those warnings are often forgotten until it’s too late.  This seems to be a rite of passage for growing kids.  Some kids do it once and learn their lesson while others it take a few more lessons to get the idea.  Check out 10 crazy things kids stick up their nose.

  1. Crayons: You wouldn’t think that a child would go from coloring a picture to thinking I wonder what would happen if I stick this up my nose, but some how that is exactly what happens.  Crayons are one of the most common things that children stick up their noses.  The problem with crayons is that they often break and then you have a broken piece of a crayon stuck up your child’s nose instead of just the tip of a whole crayon.  Of course, now you are wondering what you can do now.  Try to close the unobstructed nostril and have the child blow out their nose.  If the object is not “stuck” then this should dislodge it and crisis averted.  If this doesn’t work and you cannot reach it safely with tweezers it’s often a better idea to go to the emergency room.
  2. Beads: I don’t know why, but people think that stringing beads is a fun and appropriate activity for young children.  I guess it’s because stringing things is something they can achieve and have fun with, but try to use beads that are too big to stick up the nose.  It’s just too much of a temptation for some kids to see how many little beads they can stick up their nose.  They may think they can get them out without any trouble and not realize that their nose goes further into their head then just the nostril area and if they push something too far up that it will indeed get stuck up there.
  3. Spaghetti: Pasta is very thin and will be stuck up kid’s noses.  Sometimes it’s intentional and other times it’s just the way they are eating.  For example, a toddler is eating spaghetti with their hands and has it all over their face including by their nose.  Now that same child sneezes or coughs and inhales abruptly and the spaghetti gets sucked up the nose.  It’s very hard to get out these saucy noodles.  Anything left up the nose can cause an infection so it’s never a good idea to leave an object in the nose thinking that it will work it’s way out eventually.
  4. Legos: These are small toys and if it seems like it will fit up your nose then kids stick it there.  Especially little men or circular pieces that snap onto the circles of the lego block.  These pieces are very small and I’m sure are considered choking hazards for young children and nose sticking hazards for older children.  The same solution of blow out one of the nostrils will usually work and should be the first thing to try.  Trying to stick your own finger up their nose should be avoided because you can actually shove it further up their nose.
  5. Marbles: Glass marbles are a lot of fun to play with, but after a while you are looking for something else to do with them.  They are so slick and shiny that they will easily go up a lot of noses.  The problem with marbles is that they will go in, but often are too big to come back out easily.  This is a case when the emergency room is probably going to be your next destination.  Doctors will tell you that a huge percentage of why they see kids in the emergency room is because they have stuck something up their nose.
  6. Peas and carrots: Mom says I have to clean my plate.  I don’t really want to eat these peas and carrots.  If I throw them on the floor mom will notice and I will get in trouble.  Where can I hide them that mom will not find them?  My nose of course, I’ll just store them up there until I can take them out later and mom will never know.  Unless of course you get them stuck up there and mom has to take you to the hospital.
  7. Raisins: They are such a good healthy snack that we often give them to our kids, but once a kid is done eating their raisins in the high chair or stroller what do they do with the leftovers?  They play with them of course.  If you are lucky they will only throw them on the floor or ground.  If you are not lucky they will end up in their nose.  These are so small that they can sometimes be gotten out by gently using tweezers while someone else holds the child’s head.  If you are at all unsure of yourself go to the emergency room and let the doctor do it.  After all, she is the trained professional not you.
  8. Bugs: Yep, I heard you all say, “Ewww!” at that one.  I’m right there with you.  Kids love playing with bugs.  When kids are playing at the park or in the sand box there will be small bugs.  Again, it seems that if anything is small enough to fit in the nose it is going to end up in there.  This is a time when it’s recommended to go to the doctor and have it removed.  Bugs can fall apart inside the nose and they can often carry germs and diseases and you don’t want any part of the bug to be left up the nose so that it can cause an infection.
  9. Flower petal: This one should be less surprising some how.  If it’s good to smell a flower then it makes sense to just stick part of the flower up your nose so that you can smell it all the time.  Or did it just happen when they sucked in too hard when smelling the flower?  No one can ever be sure.  This too can fall apart especially after it gets wet and slimy.  Be very careful to get the whole thing out of the nose.
  10. Playdough: While you might be thinking that any kids that are old enough to play with playdough would be old enough to know better than to stick playdough up their nose, but unfortunately parents allow their toddlers to play with playdough.  Yes, it’s non-toxic so it won’t hurt them when they eat it, but it’s a real hazard when they stick it up their nose.  You cannot do a very good job of pulling this out of the nose because it will break up and leave pieces up there, but you can ask them to blow and hopefully it will come out in one piece.  Otherwise you might be looking at having a doctor try to get it out.  Not fun for anyone involved.
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