10 Creative Ways to Use Facebook for Getting Babysitting Jobs

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Working as an occasional babysitter can be a fun and rewarding way to earn extra money, whether you’re a teenager with an interest in childcare or an adult with a bit of extra time on your hands. Filling that time with paying work, however, will require you to actually find and schedule new clients. Putting social media like Facebook to work for you can actually land you more babysitting work than you’re realistically able to handle, provided that you play your cards correctly. These 10 tips can help you merge a love of social networking and an affinity for babysitting in new and profitable ways.

  1. Use Status Updates to Your Advantage – If you have a fairly large friends list that contains plenty of parents, you may be surprised at how easily a simple status update fills your inbox with inquiries. Letting your friends, relatives and acquaintances know that you’re accepting clients may be enough to fill your roster completely.
  2. Start a Professional Page – Snagging the occasional babysitting job with a quick status update is great for casual sitters, but it’s wise for those with bigger plans to create a professional page specifically for their burgeoning business. It’s much easier to present a capable, professional image when your status updates regarding availability aren’t interspersed with pictures of cats and questionable humor.
  3. Encourage Satisfied Clients to Like and Share Your Page – Word of mouth and great references are one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal when it comes to landing babysitting jobs. Encourage your regular clients to like your professional page, post testimonials and share the page and their experience with you with their friends.
  4. Put the “Networking” Into “Social Networking” – Reach out to the people you know, look for ways to get new likes and interact with the people that follow you so that you’re able to network properly. Remember, you’re selling a service, and the best way to boost those sales is to make sure that you’re networking and looking for new connections.
  5. Be Privacy-Savvy – Even if you set up a professional page for your babysitting business, prospective clients will still be able to find a personal page that you maintain. You should make sure that you understand Facebook’s privacy settings to ensure those clients aren’t able to see things that they may deem questionable. You should also understand that most parents will not take kindly to the idea of your posting pictures of their children without permission. Privacy is important online, especially for childcare providers.
  6. Watch What You Say – It’s natural to have the urge to vent when you’re upset, but you should always be aware of what you’re posting on Facebook when you’re using it as a tool to find new clients. Never badmouth clients that you’ve worked for, even on your personal page. It will damage your credibility, and could easily cost you new clients in the future.
  7. Join Local Groups – Look for any local childcare and parenting groups in your city and join them. Offer your services through these communities, and establish an online presence there so that parents in your area know who you are when they find themselves in need of a sitter. You should also actively participate in conversations; don’t just spam the community with promotional posts.
  8. Consider Paid Advertising – Facebook now offers the chance to pay for advertising, with several options available. You can pay for your professional page to be promoted, or even to ensure that a status update regarding your availability through your personal page reaches the widest possible audience. Paid advertising can be pricey, but it can also be a valuable investment.
  9. Share Relevant Links – When you have a following through your professional page, you need to keep your name out there and your posts appearing in parents’ newsfeeds. Don’t just talk about your rates and availability; share links to blogs or online articles that are relevant to parenting and childcare. A carefully curated timeline can make your followers look forward to your posts, and can actually be a promotional tool in themselves.
  10. Foster Discussion About Childcare – Get your followers involved in conversation on your professional page! When they contribute through comments or like a status, their activity will show up in the ticker and be visible to their friends, which will increase your reach and the scope of your audience.

With a bit of web knowledge and dedication, you can easily turn your free time into a viable revenue stream through babysitting. Garnering attention and raising your visibility in the babysitting industry is easier than ever with sites like Facebook. Still, it’s important that you have some experience in the childcare field and are certified in CPR and first aid before you start advertising. Parents need to know that their children are in capable hands, and aren’t likely to hire a sitter that doesn’t have the proper emergency preparedness training.

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