10 Emergency Phone Numbers Sitters Actually Need

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The best way to handle any emergency is to be prepared, and part of being prepared is to know who to call when a situation gets beyond your control. Babysitters need to have this information posted in an easily accessible place near a phone in your home. Listed below are ten emergency phone numbers sitters actually need.

  1. Poison Control. Even if you are keeping a close eye on them at all times, you never know what little ones may get into. By calling poison control, you can find out what to do, and whether or not an ambulance needs to be called.
  2. Fire/Police/Ambulance. 911 has become a one stop shop for any emergency call needed for fire, police or ambulance. Make sure your sitter knows that by calling 911 you save valuable seconds, as some situations may need more than one service, and you will get a faster response time.
  3. Pediatrician. If your pediatrician has a phone service or it is during office hours, your babysitter can call to see whether or not the doctor thinks a sick child needs to be seen at the office or just to ask for advice on how to care for them.
  4. Hospital. Have your local hospital’s phone number on hand in case you need to call them as well. With a sick child, the sitter should always try to call the parents first, but they may want to call the hospital if the parents can’t be reached, and speak with a nurse, to see if the situation calls for a visit to the emergency room.
  5. Cell Phones. If the parents or people they will be with have a cell phone, then the sitter needs to have that number. Cell phones are the quickest way to get in touch with parents, and can even be used to send a quick text update.
  6. Emergency Contact. Sitters should have the number of a friend, family member or neighbor; someone who lives close by that can come over if needed in an emergency, if the parents cannot be reached or cannot return quickly.
  7. Your Location. Whether it be movie theater, restaurant, hotel or friends house, you need to make sure your sitter has a land line number to reach you at in case of an emergency. You never know when the cell phone battery is going to die, or your will lose reception.
  8. Vet. If there are pets in the household with the children being babysat, then the number for a veterinarian should also be left for the sitter. While the sitter is there to watch the children, something could come up with the pets as well, and you want to make sure that your babysitter is prepared for that as well.
  9. Utility Companies. Make sure the sitters know who to call in case there is an emergency with the home such as a power outage, gas leaks or if a water line breaks.
  10. Dentist. If your dentist is not available 24/7, then make sure you leave the sitter with the number of one who is. A dental emergency can come up, and cannot always be solved in the emergency room.

Don’t just post the numbers and hope for the best. Parents and babysitters need to sit down and have a conversation about what to do in case of emergencies and also have a fire escape plan.

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