10 Fears Every Parent Has About Their First Sitter

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Hiring a new babysitter can be taxing for veteran parents, so you can imagine how finding the perfect childcare for a first child’s first sitter experience can not only be taxing, but also downright nerve-wracking. New parents are constantly bombarded by thoughts of everything that could go wrong, and many parents face several of the same fears; here are ten of the most common fears that plague parents when hiring a babysitter for the very first time.

  1. Inexperience With Children – Lying convincingly in order to get a job is, unfortunately, quite simple for some. Hiring a brand new sitter for the very first time can cause a parent to question their character-judgment skills and the sitter’s ability to keep their children safe and sound.
  2. Criminal History – Running a background check is, ideally, part of the hiring process when it comes to childcare providers. However, these can quickly become pricey, and new babies are expensive as it is. When the budget for background checks is non-existent, parents often worry about their sitter’s past.
  3. Potential For Sex Offender Status – Parents become well-versed in worrying as soon as they bring their new bundle of joy home. This newfound ability can causes them to quickly get acquainted with sex offender registries, and to realize that only those who have been caught have a place on the list. This overwhelming suspicion, while almost certainly unfounded, can lead to a few sleepless nights.
  4. Lack of CPR/First Aid Training – Children can choke or injure themselves in the blink of an eye, and part of caring for a child responsibly is having the ability to handle these crises immediately. Leaving a child with their very first sitter can cause parents to wonder if that sitter is able to maintain control during a crisis, especially if the sitter is on the younger end of the scale.
  5. Use of Drugs or Alcohol – Another fear that’s more than likely unfounded but still very real for new parents is that their sitter could be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while looking after their child, thus rendering themselves incapable of handling an emergency situation.
  6. Secret Smokers – Second-hand smoke is nothing to sneeze at; the toxic fumes and traces of chemicals that remain on the hands and fingers of a smoker can be the source of much parental worry as they drive away for that first night out.
  7. Bad Influence For Older Children Some infants and toddlers are only in the care of their parents or other family members during their earliest years, meaning that they don’t encounter a babysitter until they’re older. Worry that a sitter’s language or habits might be less than desirable in the parents’ absence is a very real concern in this scenario.
  8. Stealing – Sitters who are great with the children and have impressive resumes can still have a penchant for taking things that don’t belong to them. At the same time, leaving a relative stranger in their home for an extended period of time can cause parents to worry about their belongings, as well as their child’s welfare.
  9. Violence or Aggression – Violent and abusive tendencies can be well-hidden during the interviewing process; every adult has seen tales of nanny-cams that catch childcare providers in the act of abusing their charges. Fears that a sitter could be harboring similar leanings can haunt new parents.
  10. Inattentiveness – Children require constant vigilance to prevent injury or other accidents. Fears that a sitter might be inattentive are warranted on a new parent’s behalf; cautionary tales about negligent sitters are frequently covered by neighborhood gossip and local newscasts alike.

Finding the balance between appropriate caution and exaggerated fears is the key to solving the dilemma of ‘first babysitter’ fears.

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