10 Interesting Newborn Care Classes to Consider

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The options for newborn care classes are almost endless; there are specially designed courses in every area you can think of when it comes to new babies and their needs. Here are ten options for educating yourself and your family about the care of your newest addition.

  1. CPR – All parents and caregivers of a newborn should be well-educated about infant CPR, which is quite different from it’s adult counterpart. These classes are available through the Red Cross in most areas.
  2. Breastfeeding Support – Many expecting mothers assume that breastfeeding will be easy and come naturally, because it is the natural source of feeding for an infant, However, up to 73% of breastfeeding mothers will seek support after the birth of their child. Taking a breastfeeding support class before your baby’s birth may prevent difficulties after her arrival.
  3. Infant Massage – Proponents of infant massage claim that babies who are regularly massaged sleep better are less fussy than their non-massaged counterparts. Many local instructors hold classes regarding proper technique and execution.
  4. Grandparents’ Classes – Designed to inform grandparents of developments in infant care and safety since their early parenting days and focusing on helping grandparents support their children as they become parents, these classes can be a valuable resource.
  5. Siblings’ Classes – Many community centers and places of worship have classes that focus on helping older siblings adjust to a new baby. Teaching basic newborn care lessons and helping children deal with jealousy, these workshops may prove to be a powerful tool in preventing anxiety in soon-to-be big siblings.
  6. Infant First Aid – Much like infant CPR, the basics of infant first aid are a bit different from the adult variety. Learning the safest and most effective ways to prevent and treat injuries is a great way to prepare for parenthood.
  7. Local Parenting Groups – Parenting classes offered by locally-based groups in your area will focus on the issues particularly pertinent to your community, and may be more personal than larger programs.
  8. Bringing Baby Home – Based on the groundbreaking work of Julie Schwartz Gottman and Dr. John Gottman, the Bringing Baby Home course covers the basics of infant care and also has a section dedicated to helping new parents protect their relationship from the strain of early parenthood.
  9. Online Programs – There are dozens of quality training programs available online, some of which are completely free. Many also have discussion forums, where new parents can seek advice from one another and offer support.
  10. Mommy and Me Programs – Many newborn care classes are designed to be completed before a child’s birth; programs that teach hands-on lessons with your new baby are a great way to learn what works for your child, with the security of a classroom setting.

Expecting parents may find themselves feeling anxious about the care of their coming bundle of joy, even after reading every book they can get their hands on and attending care classes. It’s perfectly normal to feel unprepared, even after your child’s birth. You’ll quickly learn what works best for your family after your baby’s arrival; don’t beat yourself up if you’re still nervous when you leave the hospital.

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