10 Interesting Things You Can Do with Various Fruit Seeds

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Most people think of fruit seeds as nothing more than a nuisance and prefer to eat fruits without any seeds in them at all. When they do find seeds in their fruit, they are quickly spit out and discarded. What they don’t realize is that there a variety of uses for these seeds. What can they possibly be used for? You may be surprised. Here are 10 interesting things you can do with various fruit seeds.

  1. Plant them – My kids poked some grapefruit seeds in the pot of a houseplant once and I was surprised when they actually sprouted. I grew these grapefruit trees as a houseplant for many years. There are many fruit trees you can grow from seeds and either keep in the house or plant outside if you live in the proper climate.
  2. Seed art – Fruit seeds come in quite a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Creative people can use them to make quite impressive pieces of art. The possibilities are endless and I’ve seen some fascinating items made from seeds.
  3. Extracts – Another interesting use of fruit seeds is to obtain extracts. Grapefruit seed extract is used as a preservative in homemade soap. Other extracts can be used for antibacterial and antifungal purposes.
  4. Eat them – What some people don’t realize is that nuts are actually fruit seeds, and many of us love to eat them. Pumpkin and squash also have large seeds that can be roasted and eaten. They’re actually quite delicious and lower in fat than sunflower seeds.
  5. Make poison – There are several fruit seeds that contain cyanide which is a deadly poison. Apple, peach, apricot, cherry and plum seeds all contain small amounts of this poison that is very dangerous to consume.
  6. Medicinal purposes – Some fruit seeds can be used for medicinal purposes. Papaya seeds have been used to prevent intestinal parasites. Other tropical fruit seeds can be used for a variety of home grown medicines.
  7. Oils – Fruit and berry seed oils are gaining popularity for their lovely textures and variety of benefits. They’re used in a wide range of skincare products because fruit seeds are a great source of antioxidants. Pomegranate Oil is one of the most unique new ingredients available with many beneficial properties.
  8. Exfoliants – Many different fruit seeds can be used whole or ground as a natural exfoliant in soaps and various skin products. Grape and Kiwi seeds are two of the popular items in this category.
  9. Spices – An interesting spice and fruit native to West Africa is known as Guinea Pepper or Seed of Heaven. The dried seeds are a popular local spice and have even been exported as African Pepper.
  10. Beads – Another artistic way to use fruit seeds is as beads for jewelry. There are several different kinds of seeds that can be dried, preserved and used to make quite unusual looking beadwork.

Who knew there were so many interesting uses for the fruit seeds that most people discard without a thought? Those who want to live a more organic and ecological lifestyle are realizing the amazing uses of these wonderful products of nature. Hopefully this will give you food for thought the next time you spit out some fruit seeds or throw away a peach pit. Mother Nature provides us with quite a bounty and nothing she makes should go to waste.

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