10 iPhone Apps that Remind You to Pray

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The frenetic pace of today’s hectic world can make it difficult to keep up with even the most important things. Finding time to pray and remembering to do so isn’t always easy, especially when you have so many other things on your plate. Thankfully, the same mobile device that can help you streamline work meetings, arrange outings with friends and coordinate playdates for your kids can also help you to make sure that your spiritual needs aren’t neglected. These 10 iPhone apps are great tools for managing prayers and helping you remember to set aside time each day to dedicate to prayer.

  1. SharePrayer – Not only does the $0.99 SharePrayer app allow you to set alerts to remind you when the time for praying has arrived, it also features the ability to send, receive and share prayer requests with friends and family members. Your prayer partners don’t even have to use the app, because SharePrayer will send requests in the form of an email if they’re not users.
  2. Pocket Prayer Pro – Manage your prayer requests and needs quickly and easily with the $1.99 Pocket Prayer Pro, which helps you to sort requests by All Requests, Not Prayed, Not Answered, Answered, Today, Overdue and Scheduled. Pocket Prayer Pro also offers more than 100 sample prayers for those times when finding the right words is difficult.
  3. Easy Reminders – A free general reminder app, you can use Easy Reminders to set up simple alerts for prayer time and add short prayer request notes to remind you of the more pressing items on your list. Because Easy Reminders is a non-specific alert app, it can do double-duty as a method of keeping up with other small tasks throughout your day.
  4. Reflections for Daily Prayer – Based around the doctrine of the Church of England, this free app allows you to spend time in prayer and reflection based on the Anglican belief system. With the free download, you’ll be able to access daily reflections every day for a week with the option to subscribe for one month, three months or a full year.
  5. Pray! – Enter a prayer request with two taps, schedule prayer reminders and organize all of your prayer areas to ensure that nothing gets lost in the shuffle with this free app. Designed specifically to be minimal and distraction-free so that you can focus on your prayer time instead of operating the app and navigating complex features, Pray! also imitates the standard iPhone interface to maintain familiarity and bolster ease-of-use.
  6. Prayer Notebook – Every time you accept a prayer request, you can add it to your virtual Prayer Notebook to ensure that it doesn’t get forgotten before your next prayer session arrives. This $1.99 app also features organizational options and the ability to subscribe to prayer feeds for new prayers each day. You can password-protect your list to keep sensitive matters private, and mark your requests as “answered” as they come to fruition.
  7. Every Day Pray – A prayer journal with the option to set scheduled reminders for prayer time, the $0.99 Every Day Pray app includes more than 60 days of prayers for parents, all based in biblical truth and accompanied by the associated verse.
  8. PrayerMate – The $2.99 PrayerMate app will select a topic or person that you’ve entered as a prayer request within your main categories to remind you to pray for them and allows you to swipe between them as you pray. You can also set an optional daily alarm to ensure that your prayer time isn’t forgotten in the rush of the day.
  9. Prayer Prompter – Free of charge and distracting ads, Prayer Prompter stores and organizes your prayer requests in an intuitive, fully-customizable way designed to help you set up the system that works best for you. Pre-loaded with more than 150 Scriptures, Prayer Prompter is a powerful spiritual tool.
  10. Seek God for the City 2013 – Set up as a prayer reminder for the 40 days leading up to Palm Sunday, this $0.99 app was created to unite Christians across denominations for concentrated prayer. With daily scriptures and prompts alongside daily reminder alerts, Seek God for the City 2013 will help you manage your 40 days of prayer to ensure that nothing falls to the wayside.

In addition to these apps designed specifically to aid in organizing prayers and reminding you to spend time praying, there’s also a staggering array of religiously-themed apps in the App Store to help you maintain a strong sense of spirituality. Regardless of your faith or denomination, there is something in the App Store to speak to your spirituality and help bolster your faith.

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