10 Reasons a Sitter Might Just Quit

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Babysitting is a great way for kids to earn some cash and something almost everyone has done at one time or another. It even could be considered a basic part of growing up. Parents rely on sitters to give them some needed time away from their children, and shouldn’t take their services for granted. As a caution to parents, here are 10 reasons a sitter might just quit.

  1. Kids are brats – The number one reason a sitter might quit is because the kids are unmitigated brats. Children who have little respect for their parents will have even less respect for the sitter and can be quite incorrigible. More than one sitter has walked off the job because they just couldn’t take it anymore.
  2. Don’t get paid – Sitters expect to get paid for their services and won’t tolerate getting stiffed. Make sure you pay your sitter promptly and generously if you want continued service.
  3. Father is a creep – If a young, attractive sitter gets unwelcome and inappropriate advances from the children’s father, she’s quite justified to quit. There’s no reason to tolerate that kind of unjustified behavior.
  4. Got better offer – If your sitter just quit, it may because he or she got a better offer from someone else. Money is a big motivator in deciding who to work for, especially when your sitter is in demand.
  5. Got a real job – Babysitting is usually a temporary, part time job for young teens and they’re likely to quit when they find a more steady income. Age is a big factor, so when kids turn 16 and get a driver’s license, they often find other sources of income.
  6. Lousy snacks or amenities – One of the benefits for a sitter is having great snacks with the kids while watching movies or playing video games. If you don’t provide the level of amenities expected by your sitter, he or she may drop you for other clients who do.
  7. Parents too strict – Some sitters may not be comfortable with parents they consider too strict and inflexible. If your sitter feels constrained by unrealistic expectations, he or she may decide to quit.
  8. House is a dump – If your housekeeping is highly substandard, your sitter might not be able to deal with it and just quit. People have different levels of filth they are able to tolerate comfortably, so keep that in mind when hiring a sitter.
  9. Treated like a maid – Sitters should be expected to clean up after themselves and the kids, but they don’t appreciate being treated like a maid. If you give your sitter a list of chores to do, chances are they might just quit.
  10. Parents are mean – If you’re a mean and crabby with your kids or the sitter, you may have a hard time finding someone to care for your children. Nobody wants to work for parents who are intolerable.

Caring for other people’s children can be fun and rewarding, but is not without its trials and tribulations. Finding a good sitter can be difficult and keeping one can also be a challenge. Even if you do everything right, your sitter may just quit for reasons beyond your control. It’s a good idea to have several sitters in mind just in case you need to find a last-minute replacement for a sitter that quit.

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