10 Reasons Babysitters are Usually Girls

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For the most part, babysitters tend to be girls. That’s not saying that boys can’t be babysitters; it’s just a fact that not as many boys are babysitting as girls. Listed below are ten reasons babysitters are usually girls.

  1. Not Interested. Many people assume that boys are not interested in babysitting and don’t seek them out. Even though there are male babysitters most people assume that they would rather be doing something else.
  2. Mothering Nature. Girls seem to have a mothering instinct built in and tend to take on more caretaker roles as they get older. This nurturing quality is something many look for when hiring a babysitter.
  3. Practice. Taking care of children is a responsibility that has historically fallen on the females, and babysitting is great practice for when girls have their own babies.
  4. Diapering. If there are younger children in the home that require diapering, then usually the babysitter will be a girl. For some reason guys tend to be more squeamish when it comes to diaper changes, and some parents think it might be awkward for a guy to be involved with that particular duty.
  5. Responsible. Boys can get a bad rap for being immature, but the fact is that most parents feel that girls are more responsible than boys, especially if you are comparing them from the same age group.
  6. Paranoia. There are some parents out there that are paranoid about having a male babysitter. While it sounds like a stereotype, it is true that pedophiles and sex offenders tend to be males many times more than females.
  7. Extra Duties. While guys are great for playing with kids, girls tend to be willing to help out more with extra duties such as homework, household chores, cooking or even going for walks.
  8. Competing Jobs. Boys tend to have more options when it comes to a first job for a teenager, such as lawn mowing, raking, shoveling, log splitting and even paper routes. While girls are just as capable of performing those jobs, they tend to babysit instead.
  9. Social Bias. Babysitting has been around for a long time, and apparently society has come up with a bias over time that only girls should be babysitters.
  10. Stereotype. Because of the bias listed above, babysitting has been stereotyped as a girl’s job. Many boys will not take a babysitting job because they don’t want to ruin their reputation by getting caught doing something girly.

Whatever the reason may be, studies have shown that babysitters are usually girls. Some parents may have a legitimate reason for not hiring a boy over a girl for a babysitting job, others have never had a boy offer or be mentioned, and others have a prejudice against male babysitters. As long as you take the proper precautions when hiring a sitter, and check their references, it should not matter what gender they are.

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