10 Reasons Babysitters Have to Call Parents

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It may be tempting for parents to turn their cell phones off when they’ve left the kids with a babysitter. Unfortunately, that is not a wise thing to do. There can be many legitimate reasons for a babysitter to call the parents of the children they are babysitting for. Here’s ten of them.

  1. Sick Child – It is amazing how fast a seemingly healthy child can suddenly develop a fever or a stomachache. Most babysitters aren’t prepared to be dealing with sick children. Children generally prefer to have their parents to take care of them when they aren’t feeling well, too.
  2. Baby with colic – Colicky babies can sometimes cry for hours without stopping. This can be extremely difficult for a parent to deal with and even more so for a babysitter. If a babysitter isn’t able to calm a crying baby after 30 minutes or more, they most certainly will need to contact the parents.
  3. Behavior problems – Babysitters need to know they have the backup authority of a phone call to parents available if the children become unmanageable. Children who won’t follow the instructions of their babysitter can, at times, endanger themselves or others.
  4. Injuries – There is always the possibility of accidents and injury. For serious injuries, babysitters should be expected to call 911 first, but the parents certainly should also be called, even in the event of a more minor injury.
  5. Household questions – There are times when a babysitter needs something and can’t find it in the house. Other times the children may insist upon being allowed to do something that the parents did not address with the babysitter before they left. These can sometimes require a phone call for help and clarification.
  6. Storms – Severe storms can sometimes come on unexpectedly. A babysitter may need to call a parent to let them know about the bad weather or to ask for instructions if the power goes out or children are frightened.
  7. Intruders – If there appear to be intruders on the property or someone unexpected comes to the door, a babysitter will need to call the parents for assistance in dealing with the situation.
  8. I need to talk to Mommy. Young children can often feel insecure when being left with a babysitter. Sometimes a phone call to the parents can be warranted to calm them.
  9. Parents are late returning – A babysitter who is expected to be home by a certain time may need to call the parents if they are late returning to remind them of her curfew for returning home.
  10. Sick babysitter – Just as the children can become ill unexpectedly, so can babysitters. Parents would generally prefer that the babysitter called and informed them of the situation, rather than continuing to stay with the children when she is ill.

Obviously, there are many situations which could require a phone call to the parents from a babysitter. Because of this, it is important that there be a landline or cell phone available at the location for the babysitter to use. The babysitter should also have the cell phone numbers of the parents and the phone number of the location where they will be for the evening, if possible, so that she can reach them if an emergency should arise.

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