10 Reasons Sitters Should Leave Their Cell Phone at Home

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In this day and age, it seems like everyone has a cell phone.  While they do come in handy, and can be a life saver, there are situations where using a cell phone is inappropriate. Listed below are ten reasons sitters should leave their cell phone at home:

  1. It Could Get Damaged. Think phone meets toilet. Any number of horrible things can happen to a cell phone in the hands of young children. You are better off leaving it at home, safe and sound.
  2. It Could Get Lost. The last thing you want to do is dig thru a diaper pail looking for a lost cell phone. If the kids get a hold of it, and turn it off, you won’t even have the luxury of calling it to find it.
  3. The Kids Could Rack Up Charges. If one of the kids gets a hold of it and makes a call to a strange number, it may be left on, using up all your minutes. Or they could inadvertently call a foreign country, where prices really go up.
  4. Saves From Embarrassment. You never know what may be sent in a text message if a child gets a hold of your phone. They could even send a video off to everyone in your list of you trying to catch them to take the phone away.
  5. Keeps Temptation Away. Using a cell phone for personal calls or texts during babysitting duty is a no, no. You should be giving the children your undivided attention while they are in your care and not get distracted with a cell phone. If you do not have your phone with you, you will not be able to talk or text on it.
  6. Emergency Misunderstanding. While many people think that you should have a cell phone in case of emergencies while babysitting, this actually isn’t always the case. If there is an emergency and you need to dial 911, then you are better off using a landline. Emergency services are better able to find you if you call in on a landline, and you will not have to waste time giving directions, or looking up the address.
  7. Builds Trust. If the parents know that you are leaving your cell phone at home, they are more apt to trust you and your decisions. Choosing the welfare of their children over keeping in contact with your friends shows a mature and responsible choice.
  8. Less Distractions. Even if you do not plan on answering your phone, you can become distracted whenever it rings, beeps, or vibrates. Keeping distractions to a minimum while caring for children is essential.
  9. Unauthorized Internet Usage. There are many things that kids can be exposed to on the internet that they should not see, and it only takes a moment of being away from your phone for them to do it. Even if they don’t know how to access the internet, they can easily do so by pushing a few buttons.
  10. Common Sense. It’s just plain common sense to know that you are being paid to watch and entertain the children in your care, and not to socialize. Most parents would be upset to find out that you are using a cell phone to either talk or text when you should be caring for their children.

While many will disagree, and think that cell phones should be carried everywhere, I hope you gave this one some thought. There are times and situations when a cell phone is more of a distraction than a necessity.

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