10 Reasons to Have the Sitter Come to Your House

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When it’s time to go out, and you need a sitter for the kids, one consideration is whether to have the babysitting done in your home or in the sitter’s home. Here are 10 reasons to have the sitter come to your house.

  1. Kid Friendly. When you have the sitter come to your house, you know that the kids are in an environment that is prepared for their presence. You know how clean your house is, and you know that you don’t leave dangerous items lying around where they may be a risk to your kids.
  2. Kids Comfortable. Having a babysitter come to your house means that your kids don’t have to deal with both your absence and unfamiliar surroundings. When it’s bed time, they can slip beneath their own blankets after a normal bedtime routine.
  3. Sitter Familiarity. You can have the sitter come in an hour early and interact with the kids before you leave, giving them a chance to get familiar with each other, while you are still there.
  4. Emergency Preparations. When the sitter comes to your house, you have control over preparations for emergency situations. You will know that you’ve made a fire escape plan and practiced it with the kids. You will be able to assure that the proper emergency numbers are available. You will have assured that there are working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in place.
  5. House Rules. Having the sitter in your home means that you can write the rules of the evening. To help avoid points of conflict, it’s a good idea to clarify rules in the presence of all parties and prevent misunderstandings before they arise.
  6. Familiar Meals and Snacks. In your home, you know that the kids will be eating familiar food that meets your nutritional standards, and they can be assured of having snacks that they will like.
  7. Favorite Toys. All of your kids’ favorite toys, books and movies will be available to them in your home, which should make the sitter’s job easier.
  8. Monitoring. If you feel the need, you can use small cameras around the house to monitor or record activities while you’re gone. There is disagreement among experts as to whether it’s better to tell or not tell the sitter that monitoring equipment is being used.
  9. Neighbors. When you leave the kids with a sitter, you can arrange with a neighbor to be available, if needed. You can also ask a neighbor to simply be aware of activity at your house while you’re gone, and to let you know if anything appears to be amiss.
  10. Let Sleeping Kids Lie. This may be the best reason of all to have a sitter come to your house, rather than take the kids to a sitter’s house. When you come home after the kids fall asleep, you can leave them that way. There is no need to deal with cranky, just awakened kids, or to search and be sure you have all of their stuff.

Taken together, these 10 reasons are likely why having the sitter come to your home is the more common situation in non daycare babysitting.

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