10 Reasons to Hire a Friend’s Daughter to be Your Sitter

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Finding someone you trust to take care of your child can be nerve racking. You may not need to look any further than your friends for a reliable caregiver. Listed below are ten reasons to hire a friend’s daughter to be your sitter.

  1. Familiarity. If you hire a friend’s daughter, then you are already familiar with her and her family, and know up front who you are dealing with.
  2. Values. Chances are that you know your friend’s value system, and this makes  it easier to trust your sitter. When dealing with strangers, you never know how they were raised or what their beliefs are.
  3. Observation. When hanging out with your friends, you get a chance to see how their kids interact with yours. This is a perfect way to see if they are a good fit with your family.
  4. Comfort. If you have known the family for a while, then your children may have a greater comfort level about being left alone with them. This lessens any chance for separation anxiety.
  5. Lower Rates. You may be able to pay a friend’s child less money than a daycare, sitter from a service or an older adult.
  6. Practice. You may feel more comfortable with someone you know. If you just had your first child and are leery about trusting them to a sitter, you can start out slowly. Have your friend’s daughter come over and watch the baby while you take a nap or soak in the tub or get some house cleaning done.
  7. Safety. While it is rarely the case, you never know who is advertising for babysitting jobs or who will respond to your ad. Getting someone you know and trust is much safer for both you and your children.
  8. Last Minute. If you use a friend’s daughter to be your sitter, you may be able to call with a last minute request. I do not suggest doing this often or on purpose, but they will probably be more likely to help you out in a jam.
  9. Special Needs. If you have a child with special needs that requires specific care, then hiring a friend’s child may be your best bet. Not only will she have had experienced watching you care for them, she may have helped in the past during a get together.
  10. Convenience. This situation can be very convenient for both you and the sitter. If you are going somewhere that her parents will be too, such as a wedding, she can help on location, where you will be nearby if needed. If she is already watching younger siblings or another friend’s child, you could go in together and get a cheaper rate if she watches both at the same time.

Leaving your child with a sitter does not have to be a stressful event. If you hire a friend’s daughter to watch your children, you will find yourself more at ease having someone you know and trust to be there while you are away.

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