10 Reasons to Take the Kids to the Sitter’s Home

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Should you have a sitter come in? Or, is it better to take your kids to the sitter’s home? Which is most convenient and cost effective? How will each affect the kids? All of these are good questions. Real life answers will be highly dependent on specific circumstances, but let’s take a look at 10 reasons to take the kids to the sitter’s home.

  1. Unfamiliarity. It’s good to push kids out of their comfort zones, now and then. Taking them to the sitter’s home means they will be functioning under different household rules than they are used to, and learning a bit about adapting to circumstances.
  2. New Ways to Play. Another point in favor of the sitter’s home, from your kids’ view, is the exposure to new toys and play areas. A different yard or sandbox to play in for a few hours can stimulate a child’s imagination, and will give them an opportunity to play with toys that are new to them..
  3. New Kids. A trip to the sitter’s house can also give your kids an opportunity to meet new kids. It may be that there are other kids being cared for by the sitter, or there might be children that are neighbors of the sitter. Either way, it may be a chance to play with someone new.
  4. New Food. Your kids will get to experience different tastes and types of food than if the sitter came into your home and fed them meals or snacks from your pantry and refrigerator.
  5. Sitter’s Comfort Level. A babysitter, even one who is not short on experience, is going to be more comfortable and authoritative in their own home than they would be in yours. In addition to comfort level, the sitter is not likely to hear such comments as; “That’s not the way we do it when Mom and Dad are home!”
  6. Behavior. All of the above will probably contribute to your children’s behavior and attitudes being a little bit more subdued and cooperative, than might be the case in their own home. You can be sure that the babysitter will appreciate that.
  7. Cost Effective. Because the kids’ food and drinks will likely be part of the agreed upon fee, and because the sitter can work from the comfort of home, this will probably be the lower cost choice. However, your own transportation costs may offset any cost advantage, unless the sitter lives in your neighborhood.
  8. Emergency Procedures. A sitter will likely be better prepared to deal with emergencies in her or his own home, than in yours. The sitter will know where first aid supplies are located without having to ask, and will already be familiar with the floor plan of the house, in case evacuation is needed.
  9. Privacy. Because you are not having the sitter come into your home, you do not have to worry about invasions of your privacy by a curious babysitter.
  10. Cleanup. Cleaning up the house when you come home from an afternoon or evening out is a snap, when the activities of your absence all take place in someone else’s house.

As acknowledged above; there will be multiple considerations as to whether you have a sitter come in or take the kids out for sitting. Hopefully, these 10 reasons, on the side of taking the kids to the sitter, will give you a small assist in making the decision.

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