10 Reasons Your Kids Don’t Want to Play with You

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So you’re feeling like you need an X-Box 360 around your neck to get the kids to play with you, and can’t figure out why? Well, it could be for a number reasons. Let’s look at some of them, then you can determine where you are on our list. Here are ten possible reasons why your kids don’t want to play with you:

  1. Video Games – It may actually take an X-Box 360 after all. Game consoles are all too often the chief competition for a child’s attention. Unless you’re up for going toe-to-toe with Junior in Gears of War, you could be fighting a losing battle. Try to encourage active outdoor recreation.
  2. Peer Pressure – Kids go through a stage where they feel a need to distance themselves from their parents. It’s considered uncool to do otherwise. Take heart in knowing that it’s not you; it’s just a natural progression toward adulthood and independence.
  3. “Play What?” – Remember, kids tend to have short attention spans. They’re busy exploring, discovering, experimenting and learning about themselves and their environment. What held your child’s interest a week ago could already be passé. You may just be a little bit behind the curve with your choice of activities. Try letting them pick the entertainment.
  4. Resentment – Kids are sensitive. Find out if there are any lingering feelings about an issue you’ve discussed with, or disciplined your child for, and clear the air. Let them know that you still love them, that disapproval of their actions doesn’t mean disapproval of them.
  5. Depression – Socialization is important for your child, and it isn’t always easy. Kids can be clique-ish, even cruel. Find out if yours is having difficulty making friends and gaining acceptance among his or her peers at school. Check for any warning signs of bullying .
  6. Social Calendar – On the other hand, your child may just be preoccupied with outside interests, which is a really good thing. We need to allow room for kids to develop and expand their worlds. If you’re feeling left behind or outgrown, don’t take it personally, but do talk about it. Common ground is usually not as hard to find as it may seem at times.
  7. Ease Up There, Champ – Don’t take this the wrong way, but have you ever seen the movie The Great Santini? Be open to the possibility that you may be a little overly competitive or too demanding of your kid. Play time doesn’t need to have a winner and a loser, and it doesn’t need to be a test of skills. Focus on making your time together a relaxed and pleasant experience that your child can look forward to, rather than dread.
  8. New Sibling – A child may feel neglected or less special because of a new sibling introduced into the home. A newborn, or newly adopted child is seen as competition; so even when you attempt to show the child some attention, there may still be some reticence. It’s vital they have reassurance that they are still every bit as special to you as ever.
  9. A Thinker, Not a Player – There is the possibility that your child is drawn more to intellectual pursuits. The minds of mentally gifted children require a level of stimulus often lacking in their schoolwork or daily routine.  Consult with teachers, observe what activities interest your kid. It may turn out that a game of scrabble or Trivial Pursuit would be more fun. Socializing may not be a priority at this stage, but brain food should definitely be a big part of their diet.
  10. You’re a Spaz – We didn’t want to be the ones to tell you this, but we felt you deserved to know and, well, this is a list of ten, so … Seriously, you’re probably every bit the jock you think you are, but you know how kids can be at that age. So what if your batting stance makes you look like a chimp hanging from a tree limb? Not everyone can be Albert Pujols.
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